Flex PCB Drivers, Benefits and Applications


Variety is a characteristic of Flex PCB as well as they are as diverse in their application as they remain in their design. Flexible circuits have, for long right into the past as well as proceeding today, offered in a variety of demanding applications. As an affiliation approach, they are unmatched in regards to their adaptability. The fad is expected to proceed as increasingly more technicians become knowledgeable about flex circuit technology's lots of advantages.

The evolutionary course of Flex PCB modern technology has actually not been devoid of difficulties, as well as many very early individuals suffered troubles. The first customers of flexible circuits experienced failings as well as difficulties because of a mix of elements. As an example, early Flex PCB materials did not meet the exact same standards these days. Enhancement- ally, customers did not have a fundamental understanding of the capacities and also restrictions of the innovation in regards to the item design and/or the design regulations that had to be followed to ensure success. With each other, these aspects made the advancement path rocky for some customers. For us today, flex circuit technology endured its infancy to end up being the vitally vital solution it is today in the sector of electronic packaging innovations.

According to Prismark Partners, just as this 4th version of Flex PCB Technology prepares to head to press in 2011, the largest application market for Flex PCB is displays at a 28% share, followed by computers at 27%, communications at 20%, customer electronic devices 12%, vehicle 5%, industrial/medical 4%, armed forces Flex PCB 3% as well as the last 1%, incorporated circuit (IC) packing applications. Displays are a crossover application and also are represented in practically every one of the more commonly mentioned markets and applications determined in table 3-1.

The table offers a tiny sampling of items in the varied electronics market that have been efficiently served by and also benefited from flexible circuits and provides a sign of merely how thoroughly flexible circuit modern technology is being made use of to address electronic packing problems.

Computers & Peripherals

  • Dot matrix print heads
  • Disk drives
  • Ink jet print heads
  • Printer head cables


  • Digital & video cameras
  • Personal entertainment
  • Exercise monitors
  • Hand-held calculators

Industrial Controls

  • Laser measuring
  • Inductor coil pickups
  • Copy machines
  • Heater coils


  • Hearing aids
  • Heart pacemakers
  • Defibrillators
  • Ultrasound probe heads


  • NMR analyzers
  • X-ray equipment
  • Particle counters
  • Infrared analyzers


  • Cell phones
  • High speed cables
  • Base stations
  • Smart cards & RFID

Military & Aerospace

  • Satellites
  • Instrumentation panels
  • Plasma displays
  • Radar systems
  • Jet engine controls
  • Night vision systems
  • Smart weapons
  • Laser gyroscopes
  • Torpedoes
  • Electronic shielding
  • Radio communications


      • Surveillance systems