The application fields of rigid flex pcb

The type of rigid flex printed circuit board
According the fabrication processes and the combination method of flex and rigid board, they are named by two types: rigid flex hybrid board and rigid flex board. the main diffrence is that the the rigid parts and flex parts of rigid flex hybrid board are coomposited to share the blind vias and buried vias design, owning high interconnect perfermance; while for the rigid flex pcb, the parts are produced seperatately, then laminated to a part, having signal connection but vias. At present people are used to "rigid flex pcb" refer to these 2 types with no subdivision.
1. Industry. including industrial, military and medical equipments, which require the parts precise, secure, reliable.  so the required rigid-flex PCB characteristics are: high reliability, high precision, low resistance loss, complete signal transmission quality and durability. But because of the complex manufacturing process, low output , the cost and price are very high.
2. Mobile Device - the rigid-flex PCB is common within mobile phone applications, the image module (Camera Module), buttons (Keypad) and radio frequency module (RF Module) and the like. The significant advantage of using rigid flex pcb to replace the original two connectors plus flexs board is the increasement of the durability and reliability of long-term usage . So that's why rigid-flex PCB is valued as its high stability. On the other hand, due to the popularity of camera phones, plus the phone to integrate multimedia and IT functions, making the phone's internal signal transmission becomes large, which leading the demand of modularization.
3. Consumer electronics products - The featured products DSC and DV are the typical usage of rigid flex pcb. we can divide into "performance" and "structure" to discuss the two spindles. In performance, the rigid-flex PCB can connect different rigid PCB and components, so we can increase the overall use of PCB area in the same layout density , which relatively improving the carrying capacity of the circuit and reducing the amount of signal transmission loss. On the other hand, due to the lighter and thinner feature of rigid flex pcb, you can scratch bend wiring to reduce the volume and weight to make your product more compact.
4. Automobile - Rigid flex pcbs are commonly used to connect the keys or button of following subsytem to the main system in a car:  the keys on the car steering wheel , audio or video system function keys , the side door button, reversing radar imaging system , sensors (Sensor, including air quality, temperature and humidity, special gas regulation, etc.), automotive communications systems, satellite navigation, rear control panel and front-end controller,, the vehicle detection system and so on.


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