RCT Rigid Flex PCB Overview

By Combining a set of low cost standard materials and improving production efficiency, and verified design guidelines, we could offer customers cost effective rigid flex solutions, especially those ones are new to rigid flex pcb options
The Values for  customers:
  • Low cost rigid flex – nominal 15¢, or less, per square inch per layer 
  • Improved fabrication efficiency
  • Increased quality ratio
  • Less weight, Thinner,  and compactness electronics
  • Professional design advice helping reduce error and save cost
  • Patented technology improve reliability for the rigours  
Comprehensive rigid flex solution
  • RA wrought foil, rather than ED, for maximum flex reliability and endurance life
  • UL 94V0 approved
  • RoHS compliant
  • Polyimide for lead free assembly
  • Non-halogenated materials for next generation compliance
Regular Available Rigid Flex PCB  Layups : 
  • 2 Layer
  • 4 Layer
  • 6 Layer
  • 8 Layer
  • 10 Layer
Design Rules
  • Thickness tolerance: ± 10%, or 0.001” per layer
  • Panel size: 18” by 24” Usablearea:
  • Line spacing: 0.004”/ 0.004” and greater 16” X 20.5”
  • Minimum quantity: 1 panel
  • Vias: 0.010” drilled and greater
  • Pad size: drilled via + 0.012” or finished via + 0.010”
  • Pad finish: ENIG or HASL-Lead Free
  • Copper plate: 0.001” in hole
  • Mechanical dimension tolerance: ± 0.005” 
  • Feature to edge distance: 0.015” min
  • Feature to flex profile SRD tol.: ± 0.008” – 0.010”
  • Feature to flex profile laser tol.: ± 0.006


We are a China leading Rigid Flex PCB supplier, after several years heavy investment on this field, we have gained many breakthroughs on rigid flex pcb manufacturing, our technical team are the owner of 50 + patents related to rigid flex pcb, we can provide not only  rigid flex pcb protyping , but also mass production service due to our excellent process control system and technology. In addition our rigid flex pcb technical expert can paricipate in the customer design phrase and araise valuable design suggestions helping improve the reliability and save the cost.