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The Rigid Flex PCB is the combination of Rigid PCB  and Flex PCB. The production equipment includes the ones used for FPC and PCB. Firstly, the electronic engineers desgin the circuit and outline, then send the data to manufacturer. after the CAM engineer processing, the factories begin to produce the FPC and PCB parts, then these 2 types PCB will be laminated by the lamination machine. and then after another more than 10 preciseing processes, we get the final rigid flex pcb products.  due to the various processes and the difficulties of processing, there are so many detailed issues needing to concern, which requires careful final quality check before shiping. all of these contribute the high value of rigid flex pcb.


With the increasing demand of 4G mobile phones, wearable devices, medical equipments and LCD TVs, especially the wearable devices being more and more popular, is pushing Rigid-Flex PCB production growing. The global forecasting production of rigid-flex pcb will be largely increased. At the same time, the excellent durability and flexibility of rigid-flex board, makes it more suitable for medical and military applications, and gradually take over the rigid PCB market share.


The another outstanding advantege is no conntectors installed on the board which can help save a lot of space and weight, this is a perfect feature fit for the wearable devices .


According to the data from China Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (CTPCA), there are about 200 PCB manufacturers there. and a few manufacturer in HongKong also producing rigid flex pcb, but only less than 5 ones own stable production technology. 

This type of PCB shares a little part of the PCB market in China Mainland, only about 2%, estimated by the Taiwan Industry Technology Instuite. but it's increasing steadily. now more and morepcb manufacturer realise that rigid flex pcb is featured by thickness, lightness and compactness, which extremely welcomed by the latest portable devices, high-end medical equipments and military application-----all of these devices products will boom the rigid-flex pcb production in China mainland.


RCT PCB is a China leading Rigid Flex PCB supplier, after several years heavy investment on this field, we have gained many breakthroughs on rigid flex pcb manufacturing, our technical team are the owner of 50 + patents related to rigid flex pcb, we can provide not only  rigid flex pcb protyping , but also mass production service due to our excellent process control system and technology. In addition our rigid flex pcb technical expert can paricipate in the customer design phrase and araise valuable design suggestions helping improve the reliability and save the cost.