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Circuit board supplier F-Zhen takes the second global market share



Printed Circuit board supplier F-Zhen has ranked No.2 in the global market share about 3.92% in printed circuit board (PCB) production value of last year, this year is expected to reach 4% ; while it’s output value occupies FPC output the world's first 2.

After five years of expansion, it will narrow the distance between Qishen the world's first


F-Zhen shareholders held today, the chairman Shen Qingfang noted that the company along the way to the investment amount up to NT$ 45 billion scale until the end of last year, lay the foundation from 2010 to 2013 high-growth, its annual revenues increased for four consecutive years of at least NT $ 10 billion, is the world's no record of the history of PCB manufacturing industry. 


Meeting the 5 years growing expansion from 2015, The CEO noted the subsequent five-year capital expenditures are expected to be higher than this year's level of $ 150 million, five-year total investment is expected to reach $ 1 billion. 


F-Zhen on the second half of last year the proportion of revenues to 38 than 62, performed better than expected in the first half of this year, corporate forecast, this year in mainland clients such as Apple and grow millet and other customers, the revenue share is about 42 to 58, in the second half increased quarter by quarter, the fourth quarter reached a peak. 


F-Zhen earned 7.41 yuan per share last year, the performance is just behind the parent company in the Hong Hai Group. It still has the opportunity to be continue strong this year. 


It’s reported that the IC substrates year revenue forecast of NT 7-800000000 yuan or so, there is still work period, but subsequent growth can be expected. 



In addition, F-Zhen is planning to keet the most valuable PCB and diverse research and development center small PCB production line, and strategic partners to stay in Taiwan.