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Rogers PCB material factory began to build in Suzhou


Has a history of 175 anniversary Rogers recently celebrated its 5th anniversary in Suzhou for entering to Chinese market, and the company announced the completion of the second phase project of the Suzhou PCB material factory. In addition, the company Phase III "ACMD high-frequency pcb materials plant," the groundbreaking ceremony was held on the same day.

Rogers is one of the active participation of Chinese electronic materials market international companies. In the past couple of years, the international electronic materials manufacturer is accelerating into the Chinese market. Took office last year, Honeywell Specialty Materials Electronic Materials Division, Director of Operations, Asia Pacific Mr Guo has pointed out that China has become the world's largest electronic materials market. The joint venture of Dow Corning and WACKER also Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu Province to establish a silicone material production base. In addition, last December despite the new technology enabled CMP Asia manufacturing and R & D center set up in Hsinchu, but the world's second largest R & D institutions Rohm and Haas Company, established in September last year in Shanghai Zhangjiang also placed a number of engineers electronic materials research and development. There Avantec from France, this flux products also opened last year in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, a new factory.


"In the next four years, Rogers sales in China will double to $ 400 million. Our staff here will also be doubled. Currently, the number of employees we have here is more than 1,000." Rogers Asia vice president Mike Cooper represented. Allegedly, the company's sales in China last year, has more than 230 million U.S. dollars, reaching half of its total global sales.


Cooper introduced, Rogers, including the company's electronic materials for computer and communications markets. "Our products are widely used in flexible circuit boards, high frequency pcb boards, high-performance foams, laminated bus bars and EL sheet and so on electronics field." He said.


Face of a large influx of electronic materials supplier, compared with competitors, what’s Rogers's advantage? Cooper said, and constantly improve product quality, process improvement (Six Sigma quality management) and excellent local managers are the three main reasons Rogers successful in China. "In the Rogers areas of focus, most of our competitors have not yet entered the Chinese market, which makes Rogers customers in the Asia-Pacific and China to provide products and technical services on a unique competitive advantage."


Rogers products include four product lines: Advanced Circuit Materials (high frequency circuit board and flexible circuit board material), high-performance foam, custom electronic components (backlight film, drives, and busbars), other polymer product categories. The completion of the two projects is mainly to expand the busbar, high performance foams and backlight film production. The investment reached 15 million dollars in three projects will mainly produce advanced circuit board materials. Allegedly, after the completion of Phase III Rogers will become the world's third production of such products factory, and about 10 people with an R & D room.