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PCB factory Trident Q2 revenue hits a new high record


Thailand's second largest PCB maker Trident publishes announcement in June, new orders and new customers continue to inject, coupled with ongoing new pcb factory capacity out, monthly revenue soared high, reaching 641 million yuan, the monthly increase 5.6% annual growth of 25.2%, the new high record for single month, the cumulative second quarter revenue will be 1.835 billion yuan, also simultaneously record high single quarter, annual growth of 12.1% to the current growth rate, the third quarter coupled with traditional season, the third quarter is expected to challenge corporate estimated monthly and single-season high, full-year revenue growth of more than 20 percent.


Currently Trident has received huge orders from Japanese consumer customers, most of them are 6 and above layers PCB, and begin to ship this season, inject new growth momentum, in addition to the existing product line of new customers, with the third quarter traditional shipping season, for the third quarter have the opportunity to climb.


The last major shipping customers of Trident are Cal-comp, Samsung video display, Kyoden, Adventech and Kinpo China, where the TV boxes and LCD TVs, as the main contribution to the revenue growth of product items. On the TV box representing the proportion of 37% of annual revenue, compared with 20% of LCD TVs. With the development of end-users to import new technologies and new design, plywood demand continued to improve. Multilayer PCB proportion of total annual revenue grows to 77 percent, which includes 6 layers board from the previous year's 55% to 65%.



In as to meet the demand of customer, Trident will continue to expand to build new PCB factory, so this year will reach 1.1 billion yuan of capital funding, this company will be financing plan will be issued in the form of increased cash and CB-based, expected around the third quarter of funds can be collected.