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Circuit board supplier Huatong expects a 20% increase in Q3


Huatong which is the printed circuit board supplier of American company Apple, will show a rising trend upward in the 2014, according to their shipment status analysis, and Huatong still has a  better operation than May's 2.45 billion yuan, also reached the second-quarter revenue of 77-80 billion range of the original estimate. 


Meanwhile, in the second half of 2014 under Apple's new products will be launched handset iPhone 6 inject momentum, legal estimation Huatong third quarter revenue growth quarter growth rate of 15-20%; Huatong by shareholders will be held by last year dividend allotted 0.5 yuan cash dividend proposal will also trade ex-dividend on July 8. 


Huatong will adds a production capability of 150000 square feet per month by the first stage of Chongqing Fuling new pcb factory, plus the new strong demand for high end HDI PCB generated by the launch of Apple's iPhone 6, which will help Huatong to gain a showed quarter by quarter upward in 2014. The most notable is that currently Taiwan Huatong HDI PCB factory capacity just behind the UMC Group Unimicron vendor, item number after new orders shipped in the second half of the successful, will significantly increase its profit level. 



Huatong 2014 January-March earnings report content revenues 7.192 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of 7.36%, while net income 334 million yuan, more substantial growth of 19.93% over last year earnings, after-tax earnings per share reached 0.28 yuan. Its gross profit margin of 13.35% in the first quarter, also better than the 12.69 percent a year earlier.

Huatong is the printed circuit board supplier of Apple's entire product, its new HDI PCB factory located in western China, Chongqing Fuling will be the first mass production in the third quarter of this year, and open a 150,000 square foot HDI board capacity per month; For inject the second half of 2014, Apple introduced the iPhone because of the height of PCB production capacity needs for iPhone 6. 


Huatong 2014 second quarter includes multilayer PCB and HDI board capacity utilization collar domain products into more than 85%, while high-end; while HDI PCB factory in Chongqing, with the added new capacity in the third quarter results for Huatong benefits will inject even more powerful.