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North American PCB industry on a slow growth in May 2014


June 24, 2014I PC-Association released "North America PCB industry Statistical Research Report in May 2014" report shows sales remained stable in May, orders declined, book to bill ratio was under the balance point. Sales in May remained stable. The total PCB shipments in North America in May increased  only 0.1%, YTD shipments growth rate was -0.1%. Compared with the previous month, PCB shipments were down 0.3%. Compared to last year, PCB orders fell by 18%, resulting in year to date orders declined 8.1%. Compared with the previous month, orders were down 14.3%. North America May PCB industry book to bill ratio fell to 0.98. 


IPC market research director Ms. Sharon Starr, said: " The sales growled slowly in May,, the balance point of view of the economic outlook in North America for the better. factors, we believe that fall in May PCB industry is more like a short-term phenomenon. "
the detailed report will be published in early July, a detailed description of the sales PCB rigid board and flexible board report volume and orders as well as their book to bill ratio, also includes PCB growth conditions in the military and medical markets, model requirements and other important data. All sample companies involved in research, reporting households will receive a free subscription to the report. Data Interpretation 
 book to bill ratio is the ratio of the research project with the participation of IPC sample orders in the past three months, divided by the sales of the same period, to get. Ratio exceeds 1.00, which means that current demand exceeds supply, indicating the development of the next three to six months, sales growth trend will be in. Ratio of less than 1.00, then the current supply is greater than demand. YTD YoY growth rates and growth rates for exploring industry trends instructive. Ring data because of its cyclical and affected by changes in short-term factors, the need to be treated with caution. Compared with shipment data, order data changes larger orders shipped ratio between the change from month to month, that is not so important, unless there is significant change in three consecutive months or more trends. Explore the causes of change orders and shipments and understanding of book to bill ratio change is equally important. IPC's monthly PCB industry statistics, data from a representative in the United States and Canada rigid / flex printed circuit board suppliers regularly offer. IPC will publish a monthly book to bill ratio PCB and PCB statistical program reports. Monthly statistical report will be released in the last week of next month.