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Strong demand of 4G smart devices will boost China PCB manufacturing


Printed Circuit Board(PCB) is one of the important parts of the electronics products, industrial output value accounted for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, is the largest proportion in the components segments. According to the latest monthly data shows that the industry is much better year on year growth in North America, the peer level, recently hit a new high. Where high-level PCB board (HDI), and flexible PCB board (FPC) contributed great growth, the printed circuit board suppliers with cost advantage are reaping larger global market share.


From the development trend of the various regions of the world, through a major restructuring, migration and technological updating, China PCB factory are seizing the opportunity of electronic products to the domestic transfer, making the Asia PCB production value of 2000 accounted for about 50% of the world up to the current 80 % or more, as the world's PCB production leader.


According to the latest Ministry of the operation of the electronics industry data, 1-5 months of 2014, the electronics industry invested 103.1 billion RMB, increasing 28.3%%. The growth of communications equipment, electronic components industry has declined, completed an investment of 84 billion RMB and 318 respectively, an increase of 8.9% and 15.1%. Changes in the computer industry over the same period and the first three months of last year, declining trend, completed an investment of 29.2 billion yuan, an increase of 14.7%. With the gradual advance of China's economic restructuring, investment in electronic information products are expected to maintain high growth momentum, effectively stimulating the development of china PCB manufacturer.


According to China research firm survey data show that in 2013 the global FPC output value reached 11.3 billion U.S. dollars of representing the entire PCB output value of 54.89 billion U.S. dollars by 20%. 2014 global output of flexible circuit boards are still around nearly 10% growth, a further rise in the market share of total PCB, PCB board manufacturing industry to become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors.


Deren Electronic is the leader of China printed circuit board supplier focusing on consumer electronics and automotive connectors fields, and entering the high-end FPCB market by acquisition of Hualin technology, in addition ongoing capacity expansion, and its products have been used in smart terminals. Xinsen Technology is the largest pcb prototype and small batch printed circuit board supplier, its products are mainly used in many fields of communication equipment, computers and industrial control and medical electronic equipment, the company projects by actively expanding production capacity in Yixing, and enter the IC substrate and the semiconductor wafer business to explore new markets. GCI Science & Technology is the largest third-party network planning and military circuit board supplier, the company is mainly providing military PCB board, with the national emphasis on improved safety, increased subsequent investment will drive the demand for military PCB board.