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China Taiwan and mainland PCB industry overview and prospect


China Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute Industrial Economics Center (IEK), senior industry analyst Dong Zhongming firstly analysis the macro from a few large regions of the world layout and overview of PCB industrial development, he mentioned in the report, Taiwan's PCB manufacturers in the year have obvious trend to transfer the production line to the mainland, according to data , Taiwan PCB factories to grow 1.32% of total PCB production value in 2013; forecast 2014 growth of 2.99%; data in the first quarter of 2014 showed that the proportion of Taiwan PCB manufacturers in China mainland rose to 54.5% Meanwhile, the proportion of output in Taiwan PCB applications, communications, consumer electronics, computers fields with larger decreases, while lighting PCB products rose sharply.


Talked about the development of China PCB industry, Dong Zhongming predicts that the 2014 global PCB output value of about 62.1 billion, of which about 45% of the production comes from China mainland, South Korea 15%, Taiwan 13%, Japan 10%, completely To be sure, China is still the world's largest PCB manufacturer. Meanwhile, under the drive of smart devices replacement by China's 3G 4G effect of converting, PCB-based communications is still the main application areas, PCB factories are mainly small and medium scale, unlike Taiwan, Japan and Korea in the product range local production of high-end IC substrates mainly produce products continent PCB layout and is also currently involved in high-level fast.


South Korean PCB industry growth driven by brand effect, coupled with South Korean production lines to local distribution, hence South Korea accounted for 14.8% in 2013; formally surpassing the 13.6 percent of Taiwan region has become the world's second largest PCB fabrication region. However, for a single brand to produce the effect of PCB yield driven PCB's growth rate was lower than both Japan and Taiwan region's growth. Dong Zhongming pointed out that according to NT Information statistics, in 2013 the Japanese-year decline in PCB industry reached -26.9%, Japan's domestic PCB industry -2014 Q1 output growth rate than rigid pcb production, showing high-end product shipments increase, soft board continued a downward trend, while the PC market by the sagging and IC substrate outsourcing production, domestic IC substrate production plummeted.


In addressing future strategic PCB layout and development of the industry, Dongzhong Ming pointed out that China's western mainland as a local government to vigorously undertake industrial transfer, the land concessions, tax incentives, free recruitment, and many other services on behalf of both the eastern and policy enterprises very attractive, while the concept of regional development in radiation Chengdu and Chongqing as the core of the development of the South, as Chongqing, the Chongqing into, Chengmianle extend the five river development zone, west PCB industry the "flower" momentum to appear. Future regional PCB industry will change greatly, Dong Zhongming estimated Nissho ongoing relocation of production, global distribution based; Korean domestic local providers layout is still heavy; continent gathered from the previous layout gradually began east coast toward the Midwest everywhere, small settlements increased production patterns, tidal, and Taiwan HDI, carrier, and other products produced in Taiwan mainly to the east coast production still accounts for a considerable proportion of the western region to PC-based circuit board ( PCB ) production.