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New PTH solution makes the HDI PCB lighter and smaller


The trends for Intelligent terminals, wearable electronics to light , thin and bendable continue to influence the evolution of the PCB toward slimmer, smaller, more layers. This is not only to bring high-end PCB manufacturer industry development opportunities as well as a great challenge to its production process. Deputy General Manager Manz Intech PCB Division Liu Jiongfeng recently in its new overall metallization solution on the conference program, said, "We expect smart phones, wearable products, and medical fields will measure the high-end HDI boards, flexible circuit board (FPCB) of the expected rapid growth in demand and as the PCB wet process leader provider, Manz launches the overall PTH solution designed to meet the high-end HDI PCB manufacturing process "


Currently, most of HDI boards are made of vertical PTH production. However, consumer electronics associated toward light, thin, small trend, the substrate thickness and the diameter of the blind hole is continually falling, the increasingly obvious drawbacks of transitional vertical production is to cause damage to the boards during the transformation. Manz metallization solution to achieve the level of innovation line (inline) production, to avoid the evils of vertical production significantly improve product yield and reduce customer acquisition costs amounted to more than 30%. In addition, the preceding horizontal plating production line transition time between the vertical through-hole plating process a is too long easily lead to substrate oxidation, seriously affecting the plating effect, thereby reducing the yield. Manz The launch of the "level of flash plating" This innovative technology can effectively resolve these problems, extend the substrate storage time.


Manz is the few suppliers which own practical operation of 40μm or less ultra-thin substrate (Ultra-thin) production experience in the PCB equipment industry, the launch of the program is cleverly using tablets on sheet (sheet by sheet) / roll-to-roll (roll to roll) mixed line designed according to different needs for the flexibility to switch production between FPCB and rigid PCB, effectively prevent equipment acquisition costs incurred due to process upgrading.


Uphold the high efficiency, automation design concept, Manz plated through hole (PTH) equipment has precise and efficient chemical copper automatic washing tank, can be used with different brands of medicine, duplication organizational cost savings to the PCB factories; taking into account the client's geographic regional differences. Manz has been successfully integrated the remote control system into the new PTH solution, the plated through hole (PTH) equipment and resin pore wall metal processing (Shadow) devices are able to bring the whole plant parameters remote tracking and remote data synchronization maintenance, thereby improving productivity.


The launch of Manz metallization solution includes includes plated through hole (PTH) glue residue (Desmear) process after the conductive polymer film (Polymer) / resin hole wall metal processing (Shadow), as well as the level of flash plating copper (Flash Copper Plating) and filling (Via-filling) process equipment. "This solution further strengthened our market position as a high-end one-stop total solution provider. Currently, the global PCB market, Manz has installed over 4,500 units, The share of high-end HDI market the world up to 12% more. " Mr. Liu Jiongfeng introduced.