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Plotech Kun Shan PCB factory Q2 revenue is expected to end loss


Listed PCB factory Plotech Technology (6141) has operated into loss in the first quarter of 2014, still dragged down mainly by the loss of its factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu, its executives pointed out that the operation of Kunshan plant appears improvement in the second quarter, but also expect  Kunshan plant can operate with continuous improvement in the overall performance of the second quarter 2014 earnings.

Plotech Technology Jiangsu Kunshan PCB factory, which currently has the capablity of manufacturing up to 4 bands laser-drilled multilayer HDI boards and traditional multilayer PCB; But in the past due to unfavorable foreign customer structure, didn’t form outstanding profit performance, after Guangdong Huiyang factory beginning to profit, proceed to the physical adjustment on Kunshan plant from cost control to order structure adjustment, expect the Kunshan PCB plant receive profitable results.

Plotech Technology Taiwan Taoyuan plant is focus on PCB prototyping, the PCB sample products include not only multilayer PCB, but also covers to sample of Any Layer HDI board, while Plotech Technology for many years engaged in the production of the sample plate the efficiency and accuracy of delivery schedules, has been a most profitable department in Plotech

Plotech has invested in the Chinese mainland market Huiyang, Guangdong Province, a large number of multilayer PCB, Jiangsu Province and HDI board production line, in the current Huiyang factory still supply multilayer PCB products, mainly applied in Netcom and power supply.