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PCB factory Ellington entered apple supply chain


Ellington is a professional high prevision high density multilayer PCB manufacturer intends to be listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Company's prospectus, the offering is not more than 120 million shares, the total issued share capital is no more than 519 million shares. Reporters noted that the biggest highlight of Ellington landing the main board is that it’s Apple's indirect supplier.

Indirect PCB supplier for Apple

The main business of Ellington is high-precision, high-density double-sided and multilayer printed circuit board manufacturing and sales. Data displays that, PCB is widely used. Classifying from the operating situation, there are computer, communications, consumer electronics package substrate and PCB as the main application areas, accounting for more than 80% overall. compared with 2011, communications and automotive applications is the fastest growing  areas of printed circuit board in 2012. 


The annual PCB production capacity of Ellington is 4 million square meters in 2013, multilayer PCB production takes first in domestic, and sales volume second In 2012. Downstream customers are mainly large global famous EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) vendors, including Flextronics, Jabil, Wistron, etc.; And it is also the main PCB supplier of Huawei which is world's leading communications equipment provider.


In fact, for investors, the most noteworthy is the company enter into the apple supply chain. Reporters noted that SWSC has mentioned in its research report, the company successfully boarded the Top200 suppliers list of Apple, has become one of Apple's four to five PCB suppliers, Through the first big customer Flextronics to supply. The main products are the PCB boards associated for the iPhone and iPad, and small parts applied in Mac.


Reporter noted that Ellington had tried IPO, but tragically failed. Today, after two years, it finally succeeds to IPO. In addition, according to the PCB industry in which the electronic case mentioned in the prospectus, from the Chinese PCB industry perspective, China surpassed Japan for the first time to be the world's largest PCB manufacturing country in 2006,, and become the world's largest PCB producer in its After five consecutive years as.