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Read e-book online Way Down On The High Lonely (Dead Letter Mysteries) PDF

By Don Winslow

ISBN-10: 0312964226

ISBN-13: 9780312964221

From household conflict to ballroom brawls. grad student-turned-P.I..I. Neal Carey's acquired greater than learning on his plate.Graduate pupil Neal Carey's three-year confinement in chinese language monastery is ultimately over-but his issues are only starting. The elusive monetary benefactors who've got his freedom anticipate a go back on their funding. they need him to discover Cody McCall, a two-year-old boy lately kidnapped via his father in a sour Hollywood custody battle-a job that would propel Neal from the glittering Hollywood hills to the distant wilds of Nevada.To locate Cody, Neal has to show outlaw in a land of two-bit casinos and roadside cathouses, and infiltrate a vicious white supremacist workforce spouting hatred and working in terror. however the deeper undercover he is going, the deadlier the sport turns into. Now Neal needs to strength a showdown with the group's crazed chief and locate Cody sooner than the lacking baby finally ends up misplaced in an international of unspeakable evil.

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No, seriously …” Neal tore into the papers while Graham wandered out onto the terrace and checked out the early morning swimmers in the pool below. “Exercise is a wonderful thing,” he observed as the two young lady swimmers stretched limbs and torsos. The doorbell rang. ” Neal yelled, absorbed in The New York Times. He was on serious sensory overload. Graham tore himself away from the view and answered the door. Richard was standing in the hallway beside a luggage cart. ” Graham shouted to Neal.

He shifted his weight to his back foot and let the canvas slipper dig into the thin dirt. He breathed in the icy morning air and felt the slight warmth of the early morning sun hit his shoulders. Then he slowly raised his front leg, pivoted on his back foot, and started the slow turn to face the footsteps that were now reaching the top of the knoll. His knoll, damn it, his one private spot tacitly reserved for him every morning during his few free moments before dawn. Did three years of practice mean nothing to these intruders?

Neal looked up long enough to grab a blueberry muffin. ” he asked, pointing at the Yankees’ batting order. ” Graham said. ” “Short for limousine,” Graham explained. ” Neal felt a little stiff in his new clothes—khaki slacks, blue shirt, olive jacket, and cordovan loafers. He also felt a little stiff sitting in the backseat of the stretch limo, Joe Graham beside him and a fully stocked bar, a television, and the back of the uniformed driver in the front seat. Neal found a club soda, filled a glass with ice, and sipped at it as he watched the scenery on Sunset Boulevard.

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Way Down On The High Lonely (Dead Letter Mysteries) by Don Winslow

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