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Read e-book online Time for Yesterday (Star Trek, No 39) PDF

By A.C. Crispin

ISBN-10: 0671038575

ISBN-13: 9780671038571

Time For the day gone by Time within the galaxy has stopped working its general path. which can simply suggest something -- the dad or mum of eternally is malfunctioning. to save lots of the universe, Starfleet command reunites 3 of its so much mythical figures -- Admiral James T. Kirk, Spock of Vulcan, and Dr. Leonard McCoy -- and sends them on a determined project to touch the dad or mum, a trip that finally takes them 5,000 years into the earlier. they need to locate Spock's son Zar once more -- and convey him again to their time to telepathically converse the mother or father. yet Zar is enmeshed in problems of his personal, and shortly Kirk, Spock and McCoy locate themselves in a determined fight to avoid wasting either their global -- and his!

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Thank God," Kirk said softly. Relief washed through him, making him feel light, free. He smiled when Morrow slapped him on the shoulder. "Put yourself in for a medal, Admiral Kirk," Morrow chortled. " Kirk's grin grew so broad it felt as if it might split his face. " The Vulcan stood surveying the celebrants, hands clasped behind his back. " Morrow nodded. "You can both go. As soon as McCoy's able, notify me and report to the briefing room. " Kirk and Spock reached the shuttle deck just as the last of the spacesuited figures was helped out of the crowded confines of the Onizuka's storage compartment.

I've never heard you mention your father before. Does he still live? " The gray eyes softened suddenly, wistfully, in the stern face. "My father. " he mused. " He twisted a heavy silver wrist-guard absently, not looking up. "I still miss him, you know? Almost as much as I miss Araen. I knew them both such a short time . " Something about his Sovren's manner of speaking made Cletas think not. " The ruler made a small sound, almost a chuckle. " "Is he . " He'd learned early that minimizing his differences made his rule easier.

Verified," he said, glancing over at Kirk. " "All right, Jim," Morrow said, after looking over the projection, "lay in your course. " Cochise leaped ahead beneath Kirk's fingers. Twenty minutes later, Kirk announced, "We've reached my projected coordinates, Admiral. " "Any sign of them, Mr. " "Implement standard search grid. " Kirk piloted Cochise through the maneuvers of the search grid automatically, his mouth dry with anxiety. What if he'd been wrong? We might have passed them by already. Bones could be ten thousand kilometers behind us, on that ship with no life-support systems ...

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Time for Yesterday (Star Trek, No 39) by A.C. Crispin

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