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By Diana Palmer

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If Barney's company means that much to you, I'll with-draw the job offer," he said bitterly. She didn't look back. he's very happy, his father said. He was just being friendly, Ted, that's all. You and Sandy have been very kind to me. " How could she tell him that she was alone too much, that she needed someone to talk to? Sandy had to work and so did he. Besides, it would sound as if she was begging him to keep her company. " he asked softly. Her hand tightened on the doorknob. She drew in a slow breath.

It was like intuition. "The sun's hot," he said, lifting her down by the waist. " When she turned, the bandage around his arm shocked her speechless. It was bloody, but he looked amused at her horror. "Bull gored me, that's all," he mused. " Her hands trembled as she touched the bandage. "It hasn't even stopped bleeding! " He didn't budge. She caught him by his good arm, her face contorted with worry. "Ted, come on! " He let her drag him into the house through the back door that led into the kitchen.

Little things like me," he commented, and his face softened as he looked at the dog. " she asked without thinking. His eyes came up and met hers and then suddenly dropped to her waistline and lingered there for so long that she felt hot all over. Her lips parted. Her body responded to that look in ways she hadn't dreamed it could. She stared at him breathlessly while his hot gaze levered back up to her mouth and then to her shocked eyes. " he asked tautly when he saw her expression. She couldn't find an answer that wouldn't incriminate her.

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Regan's Pride by Diana Palmer

by Kenneth

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