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Download e-book for kindle: Piety & Politics: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious by Barry W. Lynn

By Barry W. Lynn

ISBN-10: 0307346544

ISBN-13: 9780307346544

The Reverend Barry Lynn explains why the non secular correct has all of it wrong.In the wake of the 2004 presidential election, the spiritual correct insisted that George Bush have been passed a mandate for an ideology-based social schedule, together with the passage of a “marriage modification” to prohibit same-sex unions, diversion of tax cash to non secular teams via “faith-based initiatives,” the educating of creationism in public colleges, and regulations on abortion. Led via an competitive band of tv preachers and extremist radio personalities, the non secular correct set its points of interest on demolishing the wall of separation among church and state.The Reverend Barry Lynn is a religious Christian, yet this propaganda attempt disturbs him deeply. He argues that politicians have to cease seeking to the Bible to justify their activities and will seek advice one other resource as an alternative: the U.S. structure. whilst the Founding Fathers of our nice kingdom created the structure, that they had noticeable firsthand the hazards of an injudicious mixture of faith and executive. They knew what it used to be wish to reside less than the yoke of state-imposed religion. They drew up a version for the hot country that might permit absolute freedom of faith. They knew that faith, united with the uncooked energy of presidency, spawns tyranny.Yet the spiritual straight away turns out distrustful of these ideas inherent within the structure, viewing the separation of church and nation in basic terms as a deadly anti-Christian precept imposed upon our country. in fact, the separation among church and country has been a major best friend to faith: with the country out of the image, countless numbers of religions have grown and prospered. faith doesn’t desire the government’s assistance, to any extent further than it's functional or applicable for spiritual doctrine to be fostered within the executive or taught in public schools.As an explicitly spiritual determine conversing out opposed to the spiritual correct, Lynn has incurred the wrath of such personalities as Pat Buchanan, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson, who as soon as stated Lynn was once “lower than a toddler molester.” Lynn has regularly taken on those radicals of the non secular correct lightly and rationally, utilizing their very own statements and non secular fervor to turn out that once they assault the constitutionally mandated separation, they’re truly attacking freedom of faith. In Piety & Politics, the Reverend Barry Lynn keeps the fight—educating americans approximately what's at stake, explaining why it is necessary that we retain the separation of church and nation, and inspiring us to protect the distinction of our spiritual freedom.

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Religion in America is alive and well, and it prospers thanks to, not in spite of, the separation of church and state. At its root, the Religious Right will not come to grips with some of the essential truths of the Constitution, American history, and the nature of our judicial system. These are three big strikes against them. Here are a few ways this confusion plays out in their approach to power: First, members of the Religious Right are angry because the government will not enforce their religious dogma and extend preferential treatment to fundamentalist forms of Christianity.

To the Religious Right, this mundane fact becomes reason to assert that Jefferson must not have really supported church-state separation. Despite the plain language of the Constitution, a Christian nation myth retains great power among the Religious Right. It's powerful to them because it feeds a common form of collective delusion that has plagued societies since ancient times, that of the stolen legacy. The stolen legacy myth holds that a certain group of people once founded or helped to shape a great nation but that their achievements have been either covered up, denied, or systematically eradicated by usurpers.

It doesn't have to be this way_ Recent polls show that the majority of Americans don't favor coercive forms of religious worship in public schools. A 2001 poll by the New York City-based Public Agenda found that only 6 percent of respondents believe public schools should sponsor Christian prayers every day. Most people-53 percentbacked a moment of silence. Few want to go back to the days of mandated scripture reading and government-written prayers. What do the people want? Ironically, they want a right students already have-the right to pray voluntarily in public school according to the dictates of conscience.

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Piety & Politics: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom by Barry W. Lynn

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