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By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

ISBN-10: 0375891889

ISBN-13: 9780375891885

Sixteen-year-old Erin Misrahe simply desires to be like everybody else in her new college. yet Erin has extra to fret approximately than passing AP Chemistry or making neighbors. In occasions of tension, she has regularly been triumph over through her adjust ego, Shevaun, whose violent habit wreaks havoc on these round her. Erin can by no means keep in mind something approximately those episodes, and she’s thankful to were spared them for a while.

But while a protecting good friend comes again into Erin’s existence, he insists that Shevaun is a vampire who truly exists except Erin. Shevaun has harmful allies, just like the good-looking witch Adjila—and they’re made up our minds to sever Shevaun’s connection to Erin as soon as and for all.

From the Hardcover edition.

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The bloodred crystal of firestone was saturated with power from the strongest Triste witches. Only the wealthiest hunters could afford firestone of any quality, which was a good thing, since in its purer form it would have killed Shevaun long before Adjila arrived. As it was, if Adjila had not been able to remove the poison from her blood, it would have lingered in her system for months or even years, feeding on her power and leaving her weak. Yes, it was time to leave France anyway. Shevaun had hoped to spend some time in China next, but she could stand a detour to the States first.

The man asked. Brittany nodded. ” Parlor? Who has a parlor in this day and age? Apparently, Shevaun did, along with this old-money Victorian-style bedroom, with a four-poster bed, an Oriental carpet, and honest-to-god oil paintings on the walls. Not to mention handcuffs and a knife, and a man Erin had never met. “Please,” she whispered, “let me call my father. ” The man holding her didn’t reply. Instead, he pulled them both down onto the bed, where he spooned against 31 her back, pinning one of her arms underneath her and keeping her other wrist in his hand, against her shoulder.

Spaced for a second. ” “Quarter past seven at night,” her father replied. ” She wasn’t normally scheduled to see Tina on Wednesdays, but Erin knew that her primary therapist would want to hear about this. ” she asked, keeping the request vague so that she could explain to Marissa in her own way. ” “Sure. I told her I would call when you woke up, anyway. ” Erin was so relieved not to be in restraints that she felt like she could handle anything. ” Erin and Marissa retreated to her room, where Marissa 42 sat in the desk chair and Erin perched on the edge of her quilted comforter.

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