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New PDF release: Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy

By Jon C. Thompson MD

ISBN-10: 1416059873

ISBN-13: 9781416059875

Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy is a best-selling, transportable, full-color source first-class to have available in the course of your orthopaedic rotation, residency, or as a short look-up in perform. Jon C. Thompson offers the most recent information in completely up to date diagnostic and remedy algorithms for all stipulations whereas holding the preferred at-a-glance desk layout from the former variation. You’ll get much more paintings from the Netter assortment in addition to new radiologic photographs that visually show the most important scientific correlations and purposes of anatomical imaging. for a quick, memorable evaluation of orthopaedic anatomy, this can be a must-have.

  • Maintains the preferred at-a-glance desk structure that makes discovering crucial details speedy and convenient.
  • Contains beneficial medical info on problems, trauma, heritage, actual examination, radiology, surgical methods, and minor techniques in each chapter.
  • Lists key info on bones, joints, muscle tissues, and nerves in tables correlate to every Netter image.
  • Highlights key fabric in numerous colors-pearls in eco-friendly and warnings in red-for effortless reference.
  • Features either simple movie and complicated radiographic (CT and MRI) photographs, in addition to cross-sectional anatomic plates for a fair extra thorough visible illustration of the material.
  • Includes extra universal surgical methods to offer you a broader realizing of techniques.
  • Incorporates reorganized advanced Arthology tables for giant joints, comparable to the shoulder, knee, and hip, for elevated readability and to include new art and extra medical correlations.
  • Reflects new facts and present diagnostic and therapy concepts via updates to the problems and Fractures sections and the actual examination and Anatomic tables in every one chapter.
  • Presents the very newest advancements within the box via completely up-to-date diagnostic and remedy algorithms for all medical conditions.

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New PDF release: Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy

Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy is a best-selling, moveable, full-color source first-class to have to be had in the course of your orthopaedic rotation, residency, or as a brief look-up in perform. Jon C. Thompson provides the most recent info in completely up to date diagnostic and remedy algorithms for all stipulations whereas holding the preferred at-a-glance desk structure from the former version.

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Normal is Յ3mm 2. SAC (space available for cord): Posterior odontoid to anterior aspect of posterior arch: Normal ϭ 17mm 3. Power ratio: Basion (B) to C1 post. arch (C), opisthion (O) to C1 ant. arch (A). Ratio BC/OA Ͼ1 ϭ occipitoatlantal dx 4. Chamberlain’s line: Opisthion to hard palate. Odontoid tip Յ5mm above line. Ͼ5mm is basilar invagination NETTER’S CONCISE ORTHOPAEDIC ANATOMY 37 2 2 Spine • RADIOLOGY L1 T12 Vertebral body 12th rib Intervertebral disc space Pedicle L1 Pedicle Facet joint Spinous process L5 Iliac crest L5 S1 Sacrum S1 Lumbar x-ray, AP Lumbar x-ray, lateral Superior articular process (ears) Inferior articular process (front legs) Pars interarticularis (neck) Pedicle (eye) Superior articular process (ears) Inferior articular process (front legs) Pedicle (eye) Pars interarticularis (neck) [Items in parenthesis indicate body part for the “scottie dog” analogy] Lumbar x-ray, oblique RADIOGRAPH Lumbar x-ray, oblique TECHNIQUE FINDINGS CLINICAL APPLICATION THORACIC SPINE AP (anteroposterior) Supine, beam to mid T-spine Vertebral bodies Alignment, scoliosis (Cobb angle) Lateral Lateral, beam to T-spine Bodies & posterior elements Alignment, kyphosis, scoliosis, fx Bending films AP or lateral w/ bending Thoracic vertebrae Access flexibility of scoliosis curves AP (anteroposterior) Supine, flex hips, beam @L3 Bodies, disc spaces, pedicle position, transverse process Fracture (body-pedicle widening, transverse process), dislocation Lateral Lateral, flex hips, beam @L3 Bodies, pars, disc spaces Fractures, spondylolisthesis Obliques AP, turn body 45° Neural foramina, pars interarticularis, facet joints Foraminal stenosis, spondylosis, facet hypertrophy (DJD) Flexion/extension views Lateral with flexion/ extension Same as lateral Instability/spondylolisthesis LUMBAR SPINE 38 NETTER’S CONCISE ORTHOPAEDIC ANATOMY TRAUMA • Spine Fracture of odontoid process Jefferson fracture of atlas (C1) Each arch may be broken in one or more places Fracture of anterior arch Type I.

WBC Ͻ 200 B. Osteoarthritis. Slightly deeper yellow, transparent. WBC Ͻ2000 C. Inflammatory. Darker yellow, cloudy, translucent (type blurred or obscured). WBC Ͻ 80,000 D. Septic. Purulent, dense, opaque. WBC Ͼ 80,000 E. Hemarthrosis. Red, opaque. Must be differentiated from traumatic tap The clarity of the fluid is assessed by expressing a small amount of fluid out of the plastic syringe into a glass tube. Printed words viewed through normal and noninflammatory joint fluid can be read easily. A B C D E Viscosity.

Calcification of meniscus) Monoarticular arthritis in older patient is typical presentation; womenϾmen Synovial analysis shows weakly positive birefringent crystals Reiter’s syndrome • Triad: urethritis, conjunctivitis, arthritis. Labs: ϩHLA-B27 20 NETTER’S CONCISE ORTHOPAEDIC ANATOMY NERVES • Basic Science Anatomy of Peripheral Nerve Compression Longitudinal vessels Outer epineurium Inner epineurium Fascicle Nerve fiber bundles Traction Epineurial coat provides some protection against compression.

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