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Download PDF by Victor A. Karachevtsev: Nanobiophysics : fundamentals and applications

By Victor A. Karachevtsev

ISBN-10: 1021041041

ISBN-13: 9781021041043

ISBN-10: 1351371371

ISBN-13: 9781351371377

ISBN-10: 9814613975

ISBN-13: 9789814613972

Nanobiophysics is a brand new department of technological know-how that operates on the interface of physics, biology, chemistry, fabric technological know-how, nanotechnology, and medication. This ebook is the 1st one dedicated to nanobiophysics and introduces this box with a spotlight on a few chosen subject matters regarding the physics of biomolecular nanosystems, together with nucleosomal DNA and version lipid membranes, nanobiohybrids regarding DNA/RNA and single-walled carbon nanotubes, biomolecules deposited on nanoparticles, and nanostructured surfaces. It describes targeted experimental actual tools which are used to check nanosized biostructures. It outlines the utilized features of nanobiophysics, contemplating the kingdom of paintings within the fabrication of 2 sorts of sensors: fuel sensors, with a spotlight on breath fuel detection, and nanophotonic sensors, with a spotlight on polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbon detection in water samples. It additionally covers the advance of nanoscale scaffolds for supply of healing nucleic acids to cells, that is a tremendous instance of the potential program of nanobiophysics researches in nanomedicine.

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An endothelin-1-induced focal ischemic damage of the rodent motor cortex has been used as a stroke model in mice and rats. To treat it, the hybrid of siRNA against caspase 3 with cationic MWCNTs has been injected intracranially. The administration of hybrid led to the significant functional recovery of neurons after the damage induced as confirmed by the functional “skill reaching” test. K. S. Siu et al. [70] reported the treatment of melanoma in mice by topical delivery of hybrid of siRNA against Braf oncogene with PEI-functionalized SWCNTs.

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