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New PDF release: Miracle in the Ant

By Yahya Harun

ISBN-10: 1842000152

ISBN-13: 9781842000151

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When the explorer wishes to return to the food source, all its mates that it has met wish to follow it. Yet only the friend which is in the closest antenna contact may accompany it outside. When the scout reaches the food, it returns immediately to the hill and assumes the part of the host. The scout and its other worker friend are joined to each other via continuous sense signals and the pheromone hormone on the surfaces of their bodies. Ants may reach their target by following the track that goes to the food, even when there is no inviting ant.

3) If she leaves on her own, she enters the nest of smaller related species, like the black ant Formica Fusca, and replaces the queen there. The queen leaves her eggs to be looked after by the Fusca workers in there. For a while there are both guest workers and host workers in the nest. 33 64 THE MIRACLE IN THE ANT Kar›nca Mucizesi Wood ants are very well armed for war. When faced with danger, the wood ant bends the lower part of its abdomen from between its legs and squirts formic acid on its enemy.

That is, they did not wait for the development of the necessary endocrine glands for hundreds of thousands of years in order to have a defence and communications system. Had that been so, it would have been impossible for the ant genus to have survived. The only explanation is that the first ant species which existed on earth did so in the same complete and perfect form as it is in today. A perfect system cannot be other than the artwork of an intelligent designer. If we are able today to talk about an ant society with a population of billions, then we must admit that a single Creator has created these all at once.

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Miracle in the Ant by Yahya Harun

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