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Franchising and the Parol Evidence Rule - download pdf or read online

By Robert W Emerson

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In addition, the largest minority population consists of Muslims, who cannot eat pork or pork products. The elimination of beef and pork items from the menu was a critical issue and a major hurdle for McDonald’s since their most popular items in the United States are based on meats. The challenge was to devise a new item that met the dietary requirement yet resembled the core products that are offered by McDonald’s. They introduced the Maharaja Mac, which is a version of the Big Mac, originally made with lamb meat and now offered with chicken.

The degree of control varies from one franchise to another and is based on the type of business. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SERVICE FRANCHISES AND RETAIL CHAINS The importance of services franchising is increasing tremendously, and there are distinct differences between retail chains and service franchises. Some of the basic differences stems from the quality attributes of services, which include (1) intangibility of services; (2) simultaneous production and consumption; (3) perishability; and (4) heterogeneity.

The developer may own one or more developed units. indd 15 05/08/14 4:45 pm 16 Restaurant Franchising termination of the development agreement, each developed outlet signs a separate franchise agreement and starts operating as a traditional franchise. Franchisors can also buy some or all of the developed units. Since it is a huge task of development, the franchisees should have enough investment and managerial capabilities. The principle behind this type of franchising is that it leads to rapid development by someone who is very well acquainted with the area and has sufficient construction experience.

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Franchising and the Parol Evidence Rule by Robert W Emerson

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