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Flesh and Spirit in the Songs of Homer: A Study of Words and by Michael Clarke PDF

By Michael Clarke

ISBN-10: 0198152639

ISBN-13: 9780198152637

This e-book deals a newly built-in interpretation of Homeric guy. the writer begins with the operating speculation that, during this poetry, the individual isn't really divided into elements - internal and outer; physique and soul; flesh and spirit - yet stands as an indivisible solidarity. The final a part of this research ends up in a reassessment of the Homeric psuche.

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58 I f it is effective it is so because it tells them fully and clearly within the boundaries set by its proper expressive resources. It follows that Homeric language cannot have depended on the everyday language in the parasitic modern way. Certainly it must have drawn its elements from unmarked speech of different places and periods, but in itself it is complete and self-sufficient, and it must have been more fully and decisively marked off from everyday speech than is any kind of literary language current today.

S u c h a theory h e lp s a c c o u n t fo r the p ro b le m s ra ise d b y P a r r y 's th e o ry o f th e fo rm u la . D id th e p o et really m ean th is or that? d he re a lly in te n d s u c h - a n d -s u c h an a rtis tic effect? M y g e n e ra l a n s w e r w o u ld be th a t the a r t is tic in te n t is in d e e d p re se n t— but that this in te n t m u st b e a s sig n e d n o t s im p ly o n e P oct but also to c o u n tle ss g e n e ra tio n s o f p r e v io u s p o e ts s te e p e d in th e sa m e trad itio n s .

30 Prologue w ord θοιτ/, and hence be referred back to an ancient (and In d o -E u ro p ean , not m erely G reek) identity between fear and ‘doublcncss*. But nothing in the evidence allow s us to arrange these as if one caused or inspired the other, and to give p rio rity to any one o f them w ould be to ignore the internal com plexity o f the tradition. H ow , then, docs the com parison advance our reading o f H om er? I f w e are content to accept that our pieces o f evidence are all closely related, and leave it at that, then w e can safely use each to enhance our under­ stan d in g o f the oth ers’ m eaning, if only because we now have a better sense o f the m ental picture that each sequence of w ords is m eant to evoke.

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Flesh and Spirit in the Songs of Homer: A Study of Words and Myths by Michael Clarke

by Ronald

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