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Ferrets (Great Pets) by Johannah Haney PDF

By Johannah Haney

ISBN-10: 0761441530

ISBN-13: 9780761441533

ISBN-10: 076144601X

ISBN-13: 9780761446019

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Ferrets also need to have their ears cleaned out periodically. Ferrets are prone to getting eat mites, which can lead to infection. Cleaning your ferret's ears will help prevent mites and other ear problems. Moisten a cotton swab with a small amount of baby oil or an ear cleansing solution designed for ferrets or kittens. Make sure the cotton swab is not saturated: a little bit will do. Hold your ferret by the scruff, or the back of the neck. Gently swab the ear, being careful not to place the cotton swab too far into the ear.

That means no hitting, flicking, bopping it on the nose, pinching, kicking, or spanking. To train 34 Life with Your Ferret your ferret to stop doing something bad, you can try scruffing it and telling it, “no,” placing it in its cage for a few minutes, or simply refusing to play for a while. Giving a ferret a treat when it is behaving well will help your ferret learn how to act on its best behavior. Grooming Any ferret owner can tell you that fuzzies have their own special scent. Remember, ferrets are cousins of the skunk, and they have scent glands that give off a musky odor.

Many types of houseplants are unsafe for ferrets—besides, they would love to burrow in the dirt, making quite a messy game! Check piles of laundry and the empty washer and dryer for hiding ferrets before you wash your clothes. Ferrets will often run around underfoot, so be careful not to step or sit on your ferret. When you have guests, remind them to watch out for ferrets! Vet Care To keep a healthy, happy ferret, you must provide regular care from a veterinarian. When you first get your ferret, schedule a visit with a local vet.

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Ferrets (Great Pets) by Johannah Haney

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