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Download e-book for kindle: Express Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

By Elizabeth Bevarly

ISBN-10: 1552544508

ISBN-13: 9781552544501

Why is everybody calling her "Lila"?

Music instructor and part-time underwear saleswoman Marnie Lundy's largest thrill is enjoying piano on the neighborhood mall . . . till the evening every person turns out to imagine she's someone else!

Suddenly she's being addressed in code, menaced via a guy who claims to understand her intimately and rescued via a good-looking spymaster who thinks she's a probability to nationwide safety!

But OPUS agent Noah Tennant has the sensation she's extra Mata Hari than mom Teresa. may perhaps a girl this attractive really be blameless, or is Marnie his opponent in a dangerous video game of secret agent vs. spy?

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Not that Marnie thought for a moment that anything that had happened to her tonight would ever make sense. After halting, the security guard watched her attacker flee until the other man was out of sight, his hands curled into fists at his side, as if he hated having to let his adversary go. Then he spun around to look at Marnie, pinning her in place with a ferocious gaze. Wow. He was even better looking than her assailant. And as much as she hated to admit it, he kind of seemed more ominous, too.

The man smiled his kindly smile again. “I wasn’t expecting them to send you, though, Lila, since this is something one of the junior operatives could have handled. Still, using a department store for the exchange is quite ingenious. I just wish I’d had some warning. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you working last night. One minute, I was looking for a birthday present for my daughter—she loves those big flannel pajamas, you see, especially the ones that have some kind of happy-hour motif. Though I myself kind of worry about her in that regard.

Philosopher? Marnie wanted to ask. Indianapolis? What was he talking about? She hadn’t been to Indianapolis for years. And what kind of name was Philosopher? Obviously the guy was talking about the little man who’d given Marnie the manuscript, but how did this guy know him? And if he knew him, then why hadn’t he asked for the manuscript before Marnie ended up with it? And why had both men mistaken her for the same woman? Just what was going on? He brought his gaze back up to hers, his smile in place again, then extended his hand, palm out, in a request for the package.

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Express Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

by Thomas

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