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New PDF release: Europe 1789 to 1914 Volume 1: Encyclopedia of the Age of

By Jay Winter, John M. Merriman

The interval among the onset of the French Revolution to the outbreak of global battle I is likely one of the most-studied in heritage. The seriously researched period is singled out during this new five-volume set, overlaying the real humans and the main occasions and advancements in Europe.

vast in scope and encompassing all components of human recreation, the contributions of roughly six hundred students around the globe are comfortably gathered in Europe 1789 to 1914. With a accomplished index and obtainable prose, readers can simply assemble particular details or leisurely discover the period's clinical, social and cultural background in addition to its political, army and monetary developments.

the gathering of 868 articles illustrates the influence of the French Revolution and Napoleonic period on Europe, and the transformation of its political, social, and cultural associations via the forces of industrialization, nationalism, mass politics, imperialism, nice energy rivalries and leading edge cultural change.

each one article encompasses a bibliography, a few annotated. Enlivening this fabric are sidebars that make clear innovations and supply excerpts from basic resource files. each one quantity additionally contains an eight-page colour insert and diverse illustrations. A chronology and a thematic define of the contents concisely frames the cloth in a bigger context, assisting readers construct significant connections.

This set hyperlinks ecu adventure to the background of the remainder of the realm, carrying on with the Charles Scribner's Sons' award-winning line from historical Europe and Encyclopedia of the Renaissance via Europe 1450-1789: Encyclopedia of the Early sleek World.

About this file:
This is quantity 1 of five, going from Abdul-Hamid II to Colonialism.

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De Stae¨l, Delphine Jean-Baptiste Say, Treatise of Political Economy 1803 1804 Napoleon crowned emperor, 1804–1814, 1815 Napoleonic Code Alexander von Humboldt, Essai sur la ge´ographie des plantes 1805 1806 Francis II abdicates; Holy Roman Empire abolished Continental System established 1807 Treaty of Tilsit; Mustafa IV (Ottoman Empire), 1807–1808 Prussia: Serfs declared emancipated 1808 Mahmud II (Ottoman Empire), 1808–1839 xlii E´tienne-Louis Malus discovers light polarization Charles Fourier, The´orie des quatre mouvements et des destine´es ge´ne´rales E U R O P E 1 7 8 9 TO 1 9 1 4 CHRONOLOGY LITERATURE AND THE ARTS INTELLECTUAL LIFE AND RELIGION WAR AND ARMED CONFLICT EUROPE AND THE WORLD DATE Concordat 1801 Franc¸ois Rene´ de Chateaubriand, Genius of Christianity; William Paley, Natural Theology 1802 Napoleon sells Louisiana Territory to United States 1803 Haiti gains independence from France 1804 Jean-AugusteDominique Ingres, Napoleon on his Imperial Throne; Friedrich von Schiller, Wilhelm Tell Serbian revolt against Ottoman Empire, 1804–1813 Philipp Otto Runge, The Hu ¨ lsenbeck Children Third Coalition against France; Battle of Trafalgar; Battle of Austerlitz 1805 Polish uprising against Russia; Battle of Jena 1806 G.

1 EUROPE AND THE WORLD DATE French protectorate of Annam founded 1883 Georges Seurat, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grade Jatte, 1884–1886; Belgian art nouveau group Les XX founded Congo placed under Belgian king Leopold; the Mahdi besiege General Charles Gordon at Khartoum, 1884–1885 1884 E´mile Zola, Germinal Italy takes Red Sea port of Massawa; German protectorates in East Africa, the Cameroons, Togoland, Southwest Africa; Indian National Congress founded 1885 Franz Liszt dies; neoimpressionism coined 1886 Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet French Union of Indochina founded; India: Muslim League founded Mrs.

RUSSIA . e Rhin eR Elb Westphalia BELGIUM Vist Brandenburg NETHERLANDS A I O R. Thuringia Ems Saxony Sedan de rR . Silesia Frankfurt LUX. To Paris Prague M ain R. Sadowa Metz Bavaria Lorraine AUSTRIAH U N G A RY FRANCE Alsa ce Württemberg Munich Baden Da nub e R. Hohenzollern German Unification Vienna SWITZERLAND 0 0 xxxiv 50 50 100 km 100 mi. Prussia, 1865 Added to Prussia, 1866 Added to form North German Confederation, 1867 Added to form German empire, 1871 Boundary of German empire, 1871 Route of Prussian armies in Austro-Prussian War Route of German armies in Franco-Prussian War Battle sites E U R O P E 1 7 8 9 TO 1 9 1 MAPS OF EUROPE, 1789 TO 1914 Europe, 1914 International border N EN 0 0 250 250 500 mi.

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Europe 1789 to 1914 Volume 1: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire by Jay Winter, John M. Merriman

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