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Download PDF by Valerie C. Scanlon: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

By Valerie C. Scanlon

ISBN-10: 0803615469

ISBN-13: 9780803615465

ISBN-10: 1429456353

ISBN-13: 9781429456357

Depend upon this bestselling textbook and its accompanying workbook to supply classroom-ready studying for all nursing and allied well-being scholars.

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Each hexagon represents a hexose sugar such as glucose. QUESTION: What is the chemical formula of glucose? 02Scanlon(p3)-ch02 8/17/06 10:42 AM Page 34 Copyright © 2007 by F. A. Davis. 34 Some Basic Chemistry but the physical arrangement of the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in each differs from that of glucose. This gives each hexose sugar a different threedimensional shape. The liver is able to change fructose and galactose to glucose, which is then used by cells in the process of cell respiration to produce ATP.

The A, B, and AB blood types, for example, are the result of oligosaccharide antigens on the outer surface of red blood cell membranes. All of our cells have “self ” antigens, which identify the cells that belong in an individual. ” Such foreign antigens include bacteria and viruses, and immunity will be a major topic of Chapter 14. Polysaccharides are made of thousands of glucose molecules, bonded in different ways, resulting in different shapes (see Fig. 2–6). Starches are branched chains of glucose and are produced by plant cells to store energy.

Mastering the terminology of your profession is essential to enable you to communicate effectively with your coworkers and your future patients. Although the number of new terms may seem a bit overwhelming at first, you will find that their use soon becomes second nature to you. The terminology presented in this chapter will be used throughout the text in the discussion of the organ systems. This will help to reinforce the meanings of these terms and will transform these new words into knowledge.

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Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology by Valerie C. Scanlon

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