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Download PDF by Jean-Pierre Kahane: Ensembles parfaits et séries trigonométriques

By Jean-Pierre Kahane

ISBN-10: 270566193X

ISBN-13: 9782705661939

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How does a language come into being and while does it disappear? What truly occurred to Latin? whilst used to be English created? Will each person on the earth converse English or chinese language in 2 hundred years? those are the various attention-grabbing questions mentioned in a brief historical past of Languages. it really is approximately how historic stipulations form languages and the way languages impression the process background.

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The amount involves papers ready for the overseas Symposium of Chadic Linguistics (Boulder, Colorado, may possibly 1-2, 1987). even though the papers are consultant of the present paintings being performed within the box of Chadic linguistics, in addition they mirror the present and prior pursuits and methodologies of common linguistics.

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CLG: 171) Although Wittgenstein draws no explicit distinction between syntagmatic and associative relations, his notion of meaning as 'use in the language' is not as ~ar from Saussure's way of thinking as might at first sight appear. For Saussure, the total meaning of a linguistic sign, its value (valeur), is also its use in the language: that is, its potential use in certain syntagmatic combinations (but not others), together with its distinctive use in associative contrast with other signs which might have occurred in those combinations.

PG:62) Whatever we call the system, however, the essential thing is that it should be a system. And this means for Wittgeilstein not that the signals should produce certain external effects, but that their uses should be interrelated one to another in certain characteristic ways. " Instead of this we might ask: Are we willing to call a series of independent signs "a language"? To the question "can . g. these signals have the same effect on human beings as sentences. But the effect is of no interest to us; we are looking at the phenomenon, the calculus of language.

If we say that these values correspond to certain concepts, it must be understood that the concepts in question are purely differential. That is to say they are concepts defined not positively, in terms of their content, but negatively by contrast with other items in the same system. (CLG:162) Where Saussure speaks offacts 'internal' to the linguistic system Wittgenstein also sometimes speaks of 'internal relations'. He maintains that White is lighter tIum blflck 'expresses the existence of an internal relation'.

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Ensembles parfaits et séries trigonométriques by Jean-Pierre Kahane

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