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Download e-book for iPad: Engineering design for wear by R G Bayer

By R G Bayer

ISBN-10: 0824747720

ISBN-13: 9780824747725

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In short, this category covers the contact between two solid bodies. The other general category is a single body in contact with a fluid or stream of particles. The contact situation associated with a ship propeller and water would be an example of this category. Other examples of this type of contact are an air frame moving through a rain or dust field and the interior of pipelines involved in the transmission of fluids or slurries. It is also useful to identify and define several broad categories of motion that can be associated with these two types of contact.

Lubrication: The reduction of wear or friction by the use of a lubricant. Lubricated impact wear: Impact wear with lubrication. Lubricated rolling wear: Rolling wear with lubrication. Lubricated sliding wear: Sliding wear with lubrication. Measurable-wear: In the context of the Zero and Measurable Wear Models for sliding and impact, it describes a state of wear in which the wear exceeds the magnitude of the surface roughness. Mechanical wear: Removal of material due to mechanical processes under conditions of sliding, rolling, or repeated impacts; includes adhesive wear, abrasive wear, and fatigue wear but not corrosive wear and thermal wear.

DLC: Diamondlike carbon coatings. Droplet erosion: Erosive wear caused by the impingement of liquid droplets on a solid surface. Dry-film lubrication: Lubrication resulting from the application of a thin film of a solid to a surface. Dry sliding wear: Sliding wear in which there is no intentional lubricant or moisture introduced into the contact area. Dynamic friction: See kinetic friction. Ductile erosion behavior: Erosion behavior having characteristic properties that can be associated with ductile fracture of the exposed solid surface, such as considerable plastic deformation preceding or accompanying material loss from the surface which can occur by gouging or tearing or by eventual embrittlement through work hardening that leads to crack formation.

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Engineering design for wear by R G Bayer

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