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New PDF release: Encyclopedie de la cuisine au micro-ondes : Entrees, plats,

By Laura Landra, Margherita Landra

ISBN-10: 2732894818

ISBN-13: 9782732894812

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Other military orders were founded in this period both in the East and in Iberia, and somewhat later, in the Baltic region. The orders provided substantial support for the Latin settlements in the East and elsewhere, not merely in manpower but also in goods and money. They were among the largest landowners in Outremer and also held substantial property in the West, which they used to finance their military and charitable activities. From the perspective of the Latin states in the East, the uncertain flow of men and supplies made it necessary to use The Crusades: An Introduction moments of crisis to rally support in the West.

Kazhdan, 3 vols. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991) and the Encyclopaedia of Islam, ed. Hamilton A. R. Gibb, 10 vols. and supplements, new ed. (Leiden: Brill, 1960–2001). The Crusades: Names and Numbers From their inception at the Council of Clermont in 1095, crusades were referred to in various ways. Typical designations were “pilgrimage” (Lat. peregrinatio), “expedition to the Holy Land” (iter in Terram Sanctam), and “passage” (passagium), but other terms were used. It was only toward the end of the twelfth century that specific designations for “crusade” (cruciata) and “crusader” (m.

There was certainly a body of informed opinion regarding the situation in the East. On at least one occasion, in 1074, the Eastern emperor, Michael VII, had appealed to Pope Gregory VII for aid. There is ample evidence that the situation in the East was becoming critical. Likewise, given the fragmented political situation in the West, the only practical way to channel support to the East was through the papacy. The popes of the late eleventh century more and more saw themselves as the leaders of Christendom.

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Encyclopedie de la cuisine au micro-ondes : Entrees, plats, desserts, cuisines de facon simple et rapide by Laura Landra, Margherita Landra

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