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New PDF release: Encyclopedia of Turtles

By Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard

ISBN-10: 0876669186

ISBN-13: 9780876669181

Монументальная работа, описание всех видов черепах, включая классификацию, анатомию, эволюцию, охрану и содержание в неволе.
150 цветных фотографий, более a hundred twenty five черно-белых фотографий, содержит поясняющие рисунки и наброски.

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In the Carettochelidae and Trionychidae all the other cer­ vical vertebrae are single-ended opisthocoelous (except for the amphicoelous atlas). In other turtles ginglymoidy may still be pre­ sent at the anterior end of the sixth cervical (some emydids, testu­ dinids, and Platystem on), and anterior opisthocoely is reached by means of a biconvex vertebra at position 4 in sea turtles, snapping turtles, Platystemon, some emydids and testudinids, at position 3 in some kinostemids, emydids and testudinids, and at position 2 in Pyxis, Dermatemys, and some Kinostemon.

The more dorsal part, the neural arch, is simply a longitudinally grooved projection from the vis­ ceral surface of a neural bone, with blunt lateral processes at the midline which articulate with a rib. The ventral part, or centrum, is a dorsally grooved elongate rod-like bone, with expanded ends whose flat surfaces are separated from their neighbors by fixed cartilaginous discs. The centra of the trunk vertebrae are ar­ ranged in staggered fashion with respect to the neural arches, so that each centrum covers the posterior half of one neural arch, and the anterior half of another.

The hyoid is made up of a central body and two pairs of postero-laterally directed horns. The two pairs of horns correspond to the third and fourth visceral arches of primitive jawless vertebrates; the jaws correspond to the first arch and the second arch is represent­ ed by small, frequently cartilaginous nodules on either side of the anterior part of the hyoid body, or Basis linguae. The bony nodule in the tip of the tongue, known as the Os entoglossum, frequently fuses with the Basis linguae.

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Encyclopedia of Turtles by Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard

by Edward

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