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Lindon, Tranter, Holmes. (eds.)'s Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry. M-Z PDF

By Lindon, Tranter, Holmes. (eds.)

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This has recently been illustrated in the case of the haem catalases, which are among the most rapid of all enzymes, converting H2O2 to O2 and H2O with a turnover rate of ∼100 000 per second per active centre (most catalases have four active centres). A novel set of X-ray crystallographic data for bacterial catalase were published, which were not only in conflict with previous X-ray data for a mammalian catalase, but also appeared inconsistent with the rapidity of normal enzymatic activity. Specifically, the ferric haem of the catalase was suggested to have a water molecule as its sixth ligand that was furthermore stabilized by participation in a hydrogen-bonding network.

M. A. Niessen Pages 18-24 Alex G Harrison Pages 207-215 Kurt Varmuza Pages 232-243 W W A Niessen Pages 293-300 Magda Claeys and Jan Claereboudt Pages 505-512 Nico M M Nibbering Pages 539-548 Annemie Bogaerts Pages 669-676 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Methods Ion Molecule Reactions in Mass Spectrometry Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers Laser Spectroscopy Theory MS-MS and MSn Multiphoton Excitation in Mass Spectrometry Negative Ion Mass Spectrometry, Methods Neutralization– Reionization in Mass Spectrometry Photoelectron–Photoion Coincidence Methods in Mass Spectrometry (PEPICO) Photoionization and Photodissociation Methods in Mass Spectrometry Plasma Desorption Ionization in Mass Spectrometry Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry, Methods Quadrupoles, Use of in Mass Spectrometry Sector Mass Spectrometers Diane Beauchemin Pages 875-880 Diethard K Böhme Pages 984-990 Raymond E March Pages 1000-1009 Luc Van Vaeck and Freddy Adams Pages 1141-1152 W.

Under conditions of fast exchange, the negative NOEs from the bound state can thus be detected in the averaged signals for free and bound ligand. Transferred NOE effects can be detected in 2DNOESY spectra and this approach has been used, for example, to obtain a set of intramolecular distance 1212 MACROMOLECULE–LIGAND INTERACTIONS STUDIED BY NMR constraints between pairs of ligand protons in the tetrapeptide acetyl-Pro-Ala-Pro-Tyr-NH2 bound to porcine pancreatic elastase and to determine the conformation of the bound peptide.

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Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry. M-Z by Lindon, Tranter, Holmes. (eds.)

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