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By Elena Kuzmina (auth.), Peter N. Peregrine, Melvin Ember (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461511879

ISBN-13: 9781461511878

ISBN-10: 1468471317

ISBN-13: 9781468471311

The Encyclopedia of Prehistory represents additionally outlined through a a bit of diverse set of an try to supply uncomplicated info sociocultural features than are eth­ on all archaeologically identified cultures, nological cultures. significant traditions are overlaying the complete globe and the complete outlined according to universal subsistence prehistory of humankind. it's designed as practices, sociopolitical association, and a device to help in doing comparative fabric industries, yet language, ideology, learn at the peoples of the prior. such a lot and kinship ties play very little half in of the entries are written by means of the world's their definition simply because they're almost most advantageous specialists at the specific parts unrecoverable from archaeological con­ and time sessions. texts. by contrast, language, ideology, and The Encyclopedia is geared up accord­ kinship ties are vital to defining ethno­ ing to significant traditions. an enormous culture logical cultures. is outlined as a bunch of populations sharing There are 3 sorts of entries within the comparable subsistence practices, know-how, Encyclopedia: the main culture access, and types of sociopolitical association, the neighborhood subtradition access, and the that are spatially contiguous over a rela­ website access. each one includes types of tively huge quarter and which suffer pace­ info, and every is meant to be rally for a comparatively lengthy interval. minimum utilized in a distinct way.

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Wild Foods. Wild food did not play an important role in the Andronovo people's diet. There is little information about the use of wild plants as food, and fishing is almost nonexistent. Wolf, fox, rabbit, and other animals were apparently hunted for fur, and some may have been hunted for meat as well. Domestic Foods. The Andronovo peoples were Population, Health, and Disease. Extensive commerce in metal and optimal ecological conditions allowed An- familiar with wheat, millet, and probably rye.

Alekseevskoe poselenie i mogil'nik (Alekseevka settlements and necropolis). Trudy Gosudarstvennovo Istoricheskovo muzeia (Transactions of National Historical Museum), (Issue XVII) Moscow. 59-172. Kuzmina, E. E. (1966). Metallicheskie izdeliia eneolita i bronzovovo veka v Srednei Azii (Metal artifacts of the bronze age in central Asia). Svod arkheologicheskikh istochnikov (Collection of archeological sources). B 3-9. Moscow: Nauka. Kuzmina, E. E. (1994). Otkuda prishli indoarii? ). Moscow: Nauka.

Stones, and even some representative art depicting on On the Asiatic steppes, the Andronovo sites consider- the petro glyphs of the ploughing scenes demonstrate ably surpass the number of sites of all other epochs. The the importance of agriculture. Cattle breeding was the basis of the Andronovo Andronovo population is characterized by tall height and robust build. The anthropological type is massive economy. In addition to cattle, sheep, goats, and horses European with a high forehead, a distinctively sharp were also used for food, and dogs and Bactrian camels nose and large eyes, probably light in color.

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Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 4: Europe by Elena Kuzmina (auth.), Peter N. Peregrine, Melvin Ember (eds.)

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