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Download e-book for iPad: Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas DeVore

By Nicholas DeVore

ISBN-10: 0802203841

ISBN-13: 9780802203847

From Aaron's Rod (a caduceus) to Zodiacus Vitae (an Elizabethan schoolbook), this Encyclopedia has lengthy been the vintage between astrological reference works. between hundreds of thousands of entries are the total terminologies for natal, mundane, electional & horary astrologies, in addition to definitive articles on Arabian elements, elements, Calendars, Cycles, levels, Dignities, instructions, Eclipses, homes, Planets, Ptolemaic Astrology, Retrogrades, Ruling indicators of significant towns, indicators of the Zodiac, the sunlight process & even more.

Of this ebook, the writer wrote, ''Astrology isn't really an equipped move, and its unfold isn't the results of any kind of propaganda; therefore in supplying this Encyclopedia it may be stated that the [original] publishers carry no short for Astrology, yet are moved simply via a wish to provide an authoritative reference work....''

Complete, concise, informative, extremely smart: crucial. it is a booklet you'll use without end.

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Not until 1752 did Britain finally adopt the Gregorian calendar, suppressing 11 days and ordering that the day following September 2, 1752 be accounted as September 14th. Those who objected to the disruption of the week of festivities with which they were wont to celebrate the New Year, March 25th to April 1st, were sent mock gifts, or paid pretendedly ceremonious calls on April 1st, a custom that survives today in April Fool's Day. The countries under the sway of the Greek orthodox church continued to follow the Julian calendar, and not until 1918 did Russia finally adopt it.

Collection of light. When a planet is in aspect to two other bodies which are not within orbs of each other, a collection of light results through the action of the intermediary planet. It denotes that the affairs represented by the two bodies whose light has been thus collected, will be forwarded by a third person, described by the intermediary planet, providing both bodies receive the intermediary in one of their dignities. Used in Horary Astrology. Other authors confine it to a larger planet aspected by two smaller, with the interpretation that if the smaller do not receive the larger in one of their dignities, the intermediary will feel no interest in the affair, nor will it prosper.

Combust. Said of a planet when in extreme closeness to the Sun, the limits variously placed at from 3° to 8°30'. The characteristic effect to which the term applies is probably confined within an arc of 3° and is more pronounced when the planet rises after the Sun. Older authorities, including Milton, have described it as weakening, except in the case of Mars which was said to be intensified. The probabilities are that the effect of the combust condition is to combine the planet's influence more closely with that of the Sun, until it is no longer a physical emotion capable of independent control, but an integral part of that consciousness of Destiny that the Sun imparts.

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Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas DeVore

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