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Download e-book for kindle: Encyclopaedia Judaica (Dr-Feu) by Fred Skolnik

By Fred Skolnik

ISBN-10: 0028659287

ISBN-13: 9780028659282

ISBN-10: 0028659295

ISBN-13: 9780028659299

Long ago thirty-five years the Encyclopaedia Judaica has come to occupy a rarefied area on the planet of Jewish studying. Authoritative, finished, critical but available, it graced the library cabinets of students and rabbis, of the discovered and the studious, or even of the would-be studious, consulted by way of the curious and the inquisitive, an enormous place to begin for a trip of studying.

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The rates in women of all origin groups were negligible. Thus there were no signs at the time of serious alcohol problems developing in Israel. However, with the development of a “pub” and “disco” culture among Israeli youth through the 1980s and 1990s and the influx of immigrants from the former Soviet Union with its more marked drinking tradition, not to mention growing disaffection in the economic underbelly of Israeli society, drinking has come to be perceived as more of a problem, though still not reaching the proportions characteristic of other societies.

Prophetic Dualism While Judaism can thus be said to have been consistently anti-dualistic in the sense of recognizing only one ultimate cause and source of all being – including the opposites characteristic of being – there is another sense in which biblical and prophetic religion can be said to be dualistic. , created) things. Contact ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 6 dubin, mordecai and communion with God is possible in love, obedience, or mystical contemplation, but no identity of the creature with the creator is possible.

Dualistic systems have appeared in philosophical (metaphysical) as well as moral forms, both of which have exerted considerable influence on the history of religions, including the history of Judaism. Philosophical Dualism In the history of Western thought, philosophical dualism goes back to *Platonism and *neoplatonism which developed and spread the idea of an opposition between spirit and matter, spirit being the higher, purer, and eternal principle, whereas matter was the lower and imperfect form of being, subject to change and corruption.

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (Dr-Feu) by Fred Skolnik

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