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Download e-book for kindle: Early Civilizations in the Americas. Almanac by Sonia G. Benson

By Sonia G. Benson

ISBN-10: 0787676799

ISBN-13: 9780787676797

ISBN-10: 0787676810

ISBN-13: 9780787676810

ISBN-10: 0787692522

ISBN-13: 9780787692520

ISBN-10: 0787693952

ISBN-13: 9780787693954

During this three-volume set, the most important civilizations from 2,500 B.C.F to 1600 A.D. are tested and in comparison by way of exploring the most important subject matters, occasions, humans and first resource files relating to the interval. issues coated comprise Kennewick guy, dialogue of the Amerind languages, Early South American (Andean) civilizations, the lately excavated urban of Caral, the Tiahuanaco and Huari peoples, the Olmec of Mexico, the Zapotec and Vera Cruz civilizations, Mississippian tradition and masses extra.

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There are some excellent web sites and books at your library that demonxxxviii Early Civilizations in the Americas: Almanac strate Maya glyphs and their use. If possible, check out one of the following: • “How to Write Your Name in Mayan Glyphs” at http://www. com/ • Reading the Maya Glyphs, by Michael D. Coe and Mark Van Stone. London and New York: Thames and Hudson, 2001. Or find any other resource with pictures of Maya glyphs and explanations of their meanings. Find a glyph or a glyph phrase (your name or the date, for example) that appeals to you and make a poster using the Maya glyph design.

Geography Mesoamerica is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Its climate and geography are very diverse. The weather is warm and dry on 261 Words to Know Archaeological excavations: The scientific process of digging up and examining artifacts, remains, and monuments of past human life by experts in this field. Artifact: Any item made or used by humans, such as a tool or weapon, that may be found by archaeologists or others who seek clues to the past. Burial offerings: Gifts to the gods that were placed with the body of a deceased person.

Trading, too, gained importance as the Valley of Mexico’s villages built a strong trade network, especially in obsidian (dark, solid glass formed by volcanoes used to make blades, knives, and other tools), as well as plants, ceramics, and salt. As religion spread from village to village throughout Mesoamerica, ceremonial centers arose in strategic locations where they could be reached by several villages. These were places to which people from surrounding areas traveled to 268 Early Civilizations in the Americas: Almanac nahl-hoo-YOO) .

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Early Civilizations in the Americas. Almanac by Sonia G. Benson

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