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Doomraga's Revenge (Merlin, Book 7) - download pdf or read online

By T. A. Barron

ISBN-10: 0142419257

ISBN-13: 9780142419250

Basil turns into Merlin's companion as they conflict the mysterious shadows that threaten the hot Avalon.
a dismal magic has been spreading throughout Avalon. firstly, the occasions appeared unrelated: a warfare in Fireroot among the dwarves and the hearth dragons, blight in Stoneroot, and disputes in the course of the geographical regions. yet as Merlin and Basil scour the geographical regions, they start to achieve that looming in the back of the growing to be chaos is a unmarried darkish threat—an enemy that they’ve by no means encountered. one who needs to be stopped earlier than all of Avalon is lost.
during this jaw-dropping sequel to the mega-hit Merlin’s Dragon, T. A. Barron sends Merlin, Rhia, and Basil, the best dragon ever, on a challenge throughout Avalon to root out this new enemy. yet sacrifices may be made, relationships may be proven, and necessary lives can be lost.

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Rushing up behind Tempet with a trail of bodies behind him, Shan saw his Queen knocked low between their enemies, and he saved Quylan from the deadly blast with his shield spell. Tempet stepped aside and narrowly avoided the sword driving for his torso. The blade scraped across his armor, and Shan pressed his shield against Tempet’s dangling wounded arm. Shan had learned how to use the shield more effectively, and he connected his mind to the enchantment within the relic. With a violent hunger, he consumed the energy that the shield sucked from his opponent.

Free of the rys attackers, Alloi forced back her brother’s tormentors. Dreibrand, Tytido, and Faychan survived her attack spell only because of the powerful wardings that covered them and their horses. Despite his pain, Tempet reacted instantly once his sister’s support arrived. He leaped out of the hole and directed his power into the ground. An explosion below Quylan hurled her and her father in different directions. Tempet landed on the blackened craggy ground between them. He staggered toward the lovely rys female, whose existence offended him into the depths of madness, and he thrust his gruesome weapon at her body.

She immediately turned her attention to Shan, who fought on the opposite side of the hole. Blue fire blazed in her eyes and she reached deep within herself for the power to attack Tempet. When her spell struck him, he jerked forward like a puppet in a strong wind, and his bitaran flailed wildly. He fell into Shan’s striking sword, and the blade penetrated the armor that Quylan had superheated and softened with her attack spell. Tempet lurched back, stung by the enchanted sword point. It had cut through two ribs and grazed a lung.

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Doomraga's Revenge (Merlin, Book 7) by T. A. Barron

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