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Download e-book for iPad: Dominic by Elizabeth Amber

By Elizabeth Amber

ISBN-10: 0758240112

ISBN-13: 9780758240118

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Now she could hardly wait for morning, when he would return there. ” She wedged her elbows between them, trying to nudge him away. His grip on her tightened, and she winced as the beading along the back of her gown punished her skin. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Emma,” he murmured, refusing to release her. His breath was cool against her neck. ” At his words, hope tried to flicker to life within her. Had his ill treatment of her last month been an aberration? Would this sojourn from the war in Else World signal a new beginning for their marriage?

A desire to avoid making more such intrusions was one reason she’d leaped at the only invitation to marry that had been presented to her. However, the happy state of all three of the Satyr lords’ marriages was an all too painful contrast to the sorry state of her own. For the duration of the meal, Emma said little, and Dominic was equally quiet. Whenever he did speak, she noticed a formality in his way of phrasing things, as though he was uncertain of his Italian. She was glad when his voice came, for it gave her an excuse to look his way.

She frowned at him and gave an imperceptible shake of her head, but he mutinously refilled his goblet. As usual, wine flowed freely during and after the meal, all of it the best-quality vintage produced by grapes grown in the vineyard on Satyr land. Thick green bottles and amber ones wrapped in raffia, all with the trademark SV molded into their sides, had been brought from the cellar and uncorked to celebrate the occasion of Carlo’s return. The others were more conservative in their consumption, cognizant of the fact that it would soon be Moonful.

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Dominic by Elizabeth Amber

by Charles

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