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Do You Take This Rebel? - download pdf or read online

By Sherryl Woods

ISBN-10: 1426853254

ISBN-13: 9781426853258

Cassie Collins fled Winding River, Wyoming, while she came upon she was once pregnant. Now, ten years later and superior, she's been drawn again to city for a reunion together with her associates, the Calamity Janes. yet is she robust sufficient to face as much as Cole Davis, the rich father of her baby who has the ability to remove her son? Or can they ultimately turn into the kin she continuously dreamed of?

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That paltry sum was all that stood between them and financial disaster. “Two thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars, plus some change,” the sheriff said, reading the total from a report in front of him. Cassie gasped at the amount. “There has to be some mistake. ” she demanded. “Not just one person. Dozens of them. They all bid on auctions that Jake put up on the Internet. ” Cassie was flabbergasted. The Internet was something she had absolutely no experience with. How on earth could her son know enough to use it to con people?

She couldn’t live with the kind of panic that had streaked through her when she’d seen Jake unwittingly heading straight toward his daddy. “You guys, I have to run,” she said, dropping some money on the table and slipping out of the booth. ” “But our food…” Lauren began, then glanced outside and fell silent. Cassie circled around behind Cole, giving him a wide berth, hoping that her friends would keep him occupied just long enough for her to catch Jake and her mother and detour them away from the restaurant.

Cassie imagined the same thing would happen to Jake one day, and that he would be breaking girl’s hearts just like his daddy had. The shock, of course, was that her mother could see all that. “You know,” Cassie said flatly. It was her mother’s turn to look startled. ” Her mother shrugged. “There was nothing to say. What was done was done. ” Cassie sank down on the bed, her thoughts in turmoil. All this time her mother had known the truth. She met Edna’s gaze. ” Her voice trailed off. “He’s here,” her mother said tightly.

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Do You Take This Rebel? by Sherryl Woods

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