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Digital histology : an interactive CD atlas with review text - download pdf or read online

By Alice S. Pakurar

ISBN-10: 0471649821

ISBN-13: 9780471649823

Praise for the 1st Edition:

"An first-class source to study basic suggestions that craft our knowing of the human body."
The American Biology Teacher

Digital Histology: An Interactive CD Atlas with evaluation Text deals an entire advent to histology with beautifully transparent and punctiliously categorized photos andillustrations inside of a chic navigation constitution. whereas the broadcast e-book presents a convenient, consistentlystructured define on your evaluation of key concerns in thestudy of human histology, the CD-ROM is an inter-active, annotated electronic colour atlas of micrographs.

Features new to this variation include:

  • Over 1,200 mild and electron microscopic photos (almost 500 extra pictures than within the first version) that may be superimposed with labels and descriptive legends

  • New electron micrographs with diagrammatic overlays highlighting structural features

  • New sections on mitosis and meiosis, which comprise stage-by-stage diagrams detailing structural events

  • A side-by-side diagrammatic comparability of thestages of mitosis and meiosis

  • Expanded assurance of aiding cells in frightened tissue; gametogenesis within the female and male reproductive platforms; and hemopoiesis

The CD-ROM offers interactive studying on either Mac and computing device structures. as well as its countless numbers of latest pictures, this re-creation incorporates a navigational device that tracks present destinations in the contents, in addition to permitting linear and nonlinear entry to any monitor. It additionally beneficial properties randomized viewing of pictures, in particular valuable to take advantage of along the self-quizzes.

Digital Histology is an quintessential studying software for college kids and academics in drugs, histology, human biology, anatomy and body structure, and pathology.

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Extra info for Digital histology : an interactive CD atlas with review text

Sample text

Neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes, PMNs) ᭿ Spherical cells with a heterochromatic nucleus with three to five lobes ᭿ Pale-staining cytoplasmic granules ᭿ Highly phagocytic cells that are attracted to sites of infection ᭜ Eosinophils ᭿ Spherical cells with a bilobed nucleus ᭿ Cytoplasmic granules stain intensely with eosin. ᭿ Modulate the inflammatory process Extracellular Matrix ➢ Fibers Fiber type Composition Properties Collagen Collagen I, II Inelastic, eosinophilic Reticular Collagen III Inelastic, branched, argyrophilic Elastic Elastin Elastic, eosinophilic 36 Digital Histology ᭹ Collagen fibers ᭜ Tropocollagen ᭿ Basic collagen molecule consisting of three alpha subunits intertwined in a triple helix; collagen types are distinguished by their subunit composition.

Zone of maturation and hypertrophy of chondrocytes, with the production of alkaline phosphatase, and the subsequent calcification of the cartilage matrix ᭿ Zone of degeneration where chondrocytes die, leaving empty lacunae surrounded by vertically oriented spicules of calcified cartilage ᭿ Zone of ossification where bone is deposited on calcified cartilage spicules ᭿ Zone of resorption where calcified cartilage–bone spicules are resorbed to form the marrow space ᭹ Secondary center of ossification occurs in each epiphysis; ossification follows a similar pattern as that at the primary center except: ᭜ No periosteal band is formed.

Cytoplasm contains hemoglobin and cytoskeletal elements but lacks other organelles. ➢ Transport oxygen and carbon dioxide White Blood Cells ➢ White blood cells are transported in the blood and migrate through vessel walls (diapedesis) to become active in connective tissues; 5–10 thousand per microliter of blood. ➢ Granular leukocytes ᭹ Neutrophil (polymorphonuclear leukocyte, PMNs) ᭜ 46–81% of circulating WBCs ᭜ Spherical cell, 12–15 microns in diameter; pale or unstained cytoplasmic granules; heterochromatic nucleus with three to five lobes ᭜ Move from the blood to sites of infection ᭜ Phagocytose bacteria and debris ᭹ Eosinophil ᭜ 1–3% of circulating WBCs ᭜ Spherical cell, 12–15 microns in diameter; cytoplasmic granules stain with eosin; bi-lobed nucleus ᭜ Move from the blood to sites of infection ᭜ Secrete proteins cytotoxic to parasites, neutralize histamine, and internalize antigen-antibody complexes ᭹ Basophil ᭜ <1% of circulating WBCs ᭜ Spherical cell, 12–15 microns in diameter; cytoplasmic granules stain dark blue with hematoxylin; S-shaped nucleus ᭜ Similar to mast cells; participate in the hypersensitivity reaction by secreting histamine and heparin ➢ Agranular leukocytes ᭹ Lymphocyte ᭜ ᭜ 24–44% of circulating WBCs Spherical cell, 6–8 microns in diameter; scant cytoplasm and a round heterochromatic nucleus often with a small indentation 6.

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Digital histology : an interactive CD atlas with review text by Alice S. Pakurar

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