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Depraved indifference - download pdf or read online

By Robert K. Tanenbaum

ISBN-10: 0451168429

ISBN-13: 9780451168429

In his moment novel starring long island Assistant D.A. Butch Karp, the writer of No Lesser Plea provides a gritty and suspenseful mystery centering on Karp's dogged pursuit of a grasp terrorist.

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Even after seven scotches his head was clear. He looked at his watch, then pressed the button for the stewardess. In a few moments Daphne West was by his side. “We should be landing very soon. ” West murmured assent and went forward to relay the message to Captain Gunn. Karavitch watched her go. Power was better than scotch, even this good scotch. Idly he flicked over the leading bottle. It tumbled against the others and all but one fell over. Karavitch watched as it wobbled in circles and then stood upright again.

After they took the plane, they contacted the FBI and told them that there was a bomb in a locker at Grand Central and that there were other bombs hidden around the city, but they didn’t say where. They’ve demanded that the papers print a manifesto on the front page tomorrow, and then they’ll tell us where the others are. In the locker with the bomb was an envelope that had the manifesto. The papers have agreed. ” “Plenty. We found heroin. We found cocaine. We found stolen goods up the kazoo. Ah, let’s see, we found a dead baby, couple of dogs, also dead.

Oh yeah, Pete Hanlon up at Arson and Explosion is expecting you—that’s all set up. You want any help, any extra bodies, let me know direct. ” Denton stood up and stretched. “My poor ass. You got a real comfy place, Karp. ” “Yeah. ” Denton frowned. ” “Why everything. Why is the chief of detectives handling this one personally? Why are you using chips, fuck Bloom, fuck the FBI, anything you want, steal bodies from other cases? ” Denton looked uncomfortable and color started to rise on his neck. “I told you, it’s a cop.

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Depraved indifference by Robert K. Tanenbaum

by Daniel

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