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Dark Protector (Paladins of Darkness, Book 1) by Alexis Morgan PDF

By Alexis Morgan

ISBN-10: 1416520368

ISBN-13: 9781416520368

Devlin Bane: Born a Paladin, he's a member of an historic band of warriors locked in a centuries-old conflict opposed to evil. His future: To die time and again to guard mankind from the Others, merely to be revived whenever via his mortal Handler. yet his fierce energy and braveness can't retailer him from steadily turning into one of many monsters he used to be born to destroy.Dr. Laurel younger, who has spent years education to develop into a Handler, needs to stay indifferent from her sufferers. yet at any time when she revives the darkly compelling Devlin Bane, he claims a bit extra of her soul and incites in her wishes that develop wilder and wilder -- while he inches toward wasting his humanity. because the battle opposed to the Others grows extra determined, Laurel and Devlin can not help yet provide in to the fierce starvation that is sizzled among them for thus lengthy. Now they will face the final word conflict jointly -- to avoid wasting a dismal, passionate love that is going opposed to each rule as they subscribe to forces to struggle an enemy who's nearer than they ever imagined....

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The guards relaxed their stance and backed away. Sergeant Purefoy was still not happy, but he jerked his head toward the door, telling the others without words to leave. ” He shot Devlin a dirty look on his way out of the lab. “My, my, Doctor. Your guard dogs are showing their teeth,” Devlin said, sauntering closer to where she stood. “No need to gloat, Mr. Bane. ” She turned back to her unpredictable patient. “I was just explaining to Mr. Trahern here that I need to complete my examination. ” Then Trahern made kissing noises at her, his face contorted in a travesty of a leer.

Loved a good fight, whether it was in cyberspace or up close and personal. There was no group of men in this world that Devlin would rather have at his back. He glanced over his shoulder to see how the others were handling the tension. J. had a wad of gum stuck in his cheek as he hummed something off-key. Lonzo shifted from foot to foot, adrenaline making it impossible for him to stand still. Cullen scanned his handheld computer, no doubt checking the most current data on the condition of the barrier so they’d know what they would be facing when they reached the bottom of the shaft.

Trahern’s ice-colored eyes glared up at her in impotent fury. ” She ignored him as she reached out to take his pulse. The monitors showed a slight increase in temperature over the readings from an hour before. Paladins weren’t prone to infection, but it wasn’t unheard of. It could also be due to Trahern’s progression toward becoming Other. And right now, with the way he was acting, she wouldn’t advise him to make any long-range plans. ” “Mr. Trahern, we’ve had this discussion before. ” He waited until she placed her stethoscope against his chest, then made another attempt to break free.

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