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Day Leclaire's Dante's Stolen Wife Forgotten Marriage PDF

By Day Leclaire

ISBN-10: 1408908131

ISBN-13: 9781408908136

Dante?s Stolen spouse via Day Leclaire

Millionaire Marco Dante felt the all-consuming hope that scorched a guy only once in an entire life while he set eyes on Caitlyn Vaughn. not anything may possibly hold him from having her ? no longer even her engagement to his dual! So he posed as her fiancé, stealing her away for a marriage and a wide ranging honeymoon. yet then he needed to flip his new bride?s blazing fury again into white-hot ardour!

Forgotten Marriage via Paula Roe

An coincidence had erased items of billionaire Finn Sorensen?s reminiscence. together with all recollection of his spouse. The spouse he?d been informed had married him for his cash. best friend McKnight?s picture used to be burned into Finn?s reminiscence from images that captured the fervour among them. It was once time she bought a shock stopover at from her long-lost husband?

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Marco nodded. Unfortunately, they’d lost the Romanos’ backing years ago, shortly after his father’s death. At that time, Dantes teetered on the brink of ruin, and would have gone under if not for Marco’s brother, Severo, who’d assumed the reins of the family jewelry empire straight out of college. During his first year on the job, he’d been forced to scale back on the size of the business, stripping Dantes to the bone. Little by little over the past decade, under Sev’s brilliant direction, Dantes had made an impressive resurrection and now stood on the verge of regaining their place as the premier jewelers, worldwide.

Lazz closed the distance between them and stopped her words in one easy move. Lowering his head, he cupped her face between his hands and kissed her. And with that kiss he sent her tumbling to a place she’d never been before. He’d kissed her any number of times over the past six weeks, but it had never been anything like this. The first taste came slow and delicious, a slide of lips mingling with a whisper of tongue, combined with a bone-melting sensuality that Lazz had kept hidden from her until now.

Well, it makes perfect sense to me,” Britt offered. “You two hit it off right from the start. Plus you’re so much alike. You’re both practical. Logical. Not to mention financial geniuses. It takes every bit of my ability to keep up with him. But the two of you… Whenever you’re together, it’s like you’re talking in shorthand. ” Angie made a face. “You make it sound so dull. ” A frown of distress touched her brow. “I mean, there’s romance, right? Excitement? Give an old woman hope. ” Caitlyn felt herself blushing.

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Dante's Stolen Wife Forgotten Marriage by Day Leclaire

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