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Download PDF by Lisa Marie Rice: Dangerous Passion

By Lisa Marie Rice

ISBN-10: 0061208612

ISBN-13: 9780061208614

Emotions kill quicker than bullets. that's Drake's creed. A legend, a renegade, a ruthless, robust enigma understood through not anyone and feared by way of all, Viktor "Drake" Drakovich heads up a billion-dollar empire—and exhibits no mercy to the numerous enemies who might cease at not anything to damage him. he's a guy without love and no weak point, until... Grace Larsen takes Drake's breath away the 1st time he sees her—and quick turns into his obsession. by no means sooner than has he burned for somebody the best way he wishes this hauntingly attractive artist who's tormented by troubling desires. He aches to own her, to guard her, to hold her to new heights of sensuous arousal and rapturous free up. yet coming into Drake's international capacity turning into a target—for relentless, bloodthirsty foes were eagerly watching for him to show his weakness. And the cost of their ardour will be their lives.

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Whatever, as the Americans said. At some point she was going to have to get out of this sinfully, outrageously luxurious tub. It was simply too wonderful, wallowing in the water, feeling the strong jets massaging her aching muscles. She’d looked, but there had been no essential oils, so it was just unadorned New York water, which was fine. Actually, though the bathroom was beyond sumptuous, she was astonished at the lack of personal care products. Drake was obviously well-to-do. Filthy rich, actually.

Fucking. Fucking Grace. Who was—whoa—not more than a foot away from him. Close enough for him to smell her, a delicate fragrance under the sharper smells of the food and the wood from the hearth. Close enough to see how fine-grained her skin was, what a lovely glowing color she had, as if sprinkled with pearl dust. She favored loose clothing, so all the times he’d seen her at the gallery, he had to guess at what was underneath, but now, dressed in his gi, which she’d had to cinch around herself tightly or the whole damned thing would fall off, he could see exactly 3/2/2010 12:52 AM 37 de 96 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Clecia%20Medeiros/My%20D...

Actually, that sounded about right because her heart had speeded up as well and was now pounding so hard it was a miracle he didn’t hear it. Pools of that heat centered in intense flashes in her breasts and between her legs. When his lips touched the skin of her hand, she’d clenched tightly between her legs, the first time that had ever happened to her, so startling it took her a second to even recognize it as desire. Desire for a man who was scary. She knew nothing about him except that he appeared to be rich and powerful.

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Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice

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