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Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan's Contending Images of World Politics PDF

By Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

ISBN-10: 0333913760

ISBN-13: 9780333913765

This significant new ebook offers a singular and fascinating method of the learn of diplomacy. Taking as its place to begin more than a few influential contemporary views at the altering global order (from Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations" among the West, and the remaining to Francis Fukuyama's "end of background" thesis) the publication brings jointly specially-commissioned chapters written in a hugely obtainable variety via a really foreign forged of individuals.

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At a normative level, it undermines legal doctrines of sovereignty and is a principal source of gross violation of universal human rights (Ryan, 1990). Frequently, the spectre of fragmentation is described in highly alarmist or even apocalyptic language. For example, Premdas (1991, p. 10) warned of, 'ethnically ignited strifes becoming contagious and uncontrollable threatening world stability and mankind's future'. Several metaphorical devices are used to highlight the perception that these crises are inevitable, spreading and chaotic.

Expectations of cross-cultural cooperation are not eliminated in this metaphor, but they are substantially weakened. It suggests a system in which order is maintained through an ethos of non-intervention which substantially undermines the concept of an evolving cosmopolitan framework, replacing this with an ethos of cultural relativism. 36 37 Huntington's discussion of this metaphor in relation to the West suggests that this civilization needs to consolidate its own identity and prepare to defend this in an anarchical world of inter-civilizational power politics, < previous page page_148 next page > < previous page page_149 next page > Page 149 rather than seeing itself engaged in processes of progress or cultural convergence through globalization.

Clinton described Bosnia as 'a tribal feud no outsider could hope to settle' (cited in Hirsch, 1995, p. 9). More recently, a Portuguese diplomatic envoy recently declared: 'The situation in East Timor is barbaric, the fundamentals of human civilization are at stake' (Gomez, 1999). In particular, ethnopolitical 'struggles' are distinguished from inter-state 'war' through the use of different language to describe these scenarios. For example, in the Falklands and Gulf Wars, or for that matter the NATO intervention in Kosovo, acts of killing were described as 'surgical' strikes, 'smart' < previous page page_156 next page > < previous page page_157 next page > Page 157 42 43 bombs, 'collateral' damage and 'friendly' fire.

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Contending Images of World Politics by Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

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