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Read e-book online Constructing world culture: international nongovernmental PDF

By John Boli, George M. Thomas

ISBN-10: 0804734224

ISBN-13: 9780804734226

This publication illuminates the important position performed via overseas nongovernmental firms (INGOs) within the emergence and improvement of a accomplished international polity. The participants argue that the large proliferation of INGOs on the grounds that 1875—including foreign environmental businesses, human rights teams, our bodies shaped to manage technical criteria, and financial improvement agencies, between others—both displays and contributes to the unfold of world associations and cultural rules according to versions of rationality, individualism, growth, and universalism. The members distinction this world-polity standpoint to different techniques to realizing globalization, together with realist and neo-realist analyses within the box of diplomacy, and world-system thought and interstate pageant concept in sociology.The quantity considers transnational organizing as a old strategy of the construction of worldwide principles and norms, altering through the years, that experience identifiable results on social association on the nationwide and native degrees. The chapters offer empirical aid for this strategy, picking out particular mechanisms that translate worldwide cultural assumptions and prescriptions into neighborhood social job, comparable to the construction of kingdom organizations, the formula of presidency regulations, and the emergence of social routine. the 1st a part of the e-book offers with social stream INGOs, together with environmental teams, women’s rights businesses, the Esperanto flow, and the overseas crimson pass. the second one half treats technical and monetary our bodies, together with the overseas association for Standardization, inhabitants coverage teams, improvement firms, and overseas specialist technological know-how institutions.

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Culture is increasingly global (Robertson 1992; Thränhardt 1992; Featherstone 1990; Lechner 1989; Hannerz 1987); a transnational "legal world order" operates with considerable autonomy from states (Weiss 1989; Berman 1988; Falk, Kratochwil, and Mendlovitz 1985; Weston, Falk, and D'Amato 1980); and world-cultural principles and institutions shape the action of states, firms, individuals, and other subunits (Boli 1999a; McNeely 1995; Meyer, Boli et al. 1997; Strang 1990; Thomas 1993). On numerous dimensions, then, the world polity is not reducible to states, transnational corporations (TNCs), or national forces and interest groups (Nettl and Robertson 1968; Mann 1986; Hall 1985; Thomas et al.

On numerous dimensions, then, the world polity is not reducible to states, transnational corporations (TNCs), or national forces and interest groups (Nettl and Robertson 1968; Mann 1986; Hall 1985; Thomas et al. 1987; Ashley 1992; Banks 1984; Thomas 1993). We emphasize the importance of cultural or institutional frames, treating actors not as unanalyzed "givens" but as entities constructed and motivated by these enveloping frames (Jepperson 1991, 1992). The nature, purposes, behavior, and meaning of actors, whether individuals, organizations, social Page 14 movements, or states, are subject to redefinition and change as the frames themselves change.

While this perspective may acknowledge the stability and partial autonomy of IGOs, such properties are explained mainly in terms of "sunk costs" and organizational inertia (Krasner 1983b; Archer 1983). Page 16 What international relations theory refers to as "neoliberal institution-alism" attributes greater importance to international institutions, recognizing that they can affect state policies and interests, particularly those of weaker states (Keohane 1984, 1989; Stein 1993). Scholars of this view argue that conditions of interdependence at times convince states that they cannot manage or solve problems through first-order exchange, so they require and construct international norms and procedures.

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