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Lyle F. Albright, R.T.K. Baker's Coke Formation on Metal Surfaces PDF

By Lyle F. Albright, R.T.K. Baker

ISBN-10: 0841207453

ISBN-13: 9780841207455

ISBN-10: 0841209847

ISBN-13: 9780841209848

content material: Filamentous carbon formation over iron surfaces / R.T.K. Baker, D.J.C. Yates, and J.A. Dumesic --
Inhibition of coke formation in ethylene steam cracking / D.E. Brown, J.T.K. Clark, A.I. Foster, J.J. McCarroll, and M.L. Sims --
floor results at the steam cracking of propane / A. Holmen, O.A. Lindvaag, and D.L. Trimm --
Oxidation of an ethylene steam cracker pyrolysis tube deposit in water vapor and its enhancement by means of inorganic catalysts / M.J. Bennett and J.B. fee --
influence of hydrogen at the iron- and nickel-catalyzed formation of carbon from benzene / Alberto I. Lacava, E. Daniel Fernandez-Raone, Leslie L. Isaacs, and Maritza Caraballo --
Mechanism of floor carbon formation through the pyrolysis of benzene within the presence of hydrogen / Alberto I. Lacava, E. Daniel Fernandez-Raone, and Maritza Caraballo --
Formation and elimination of coke deposited on stainless-steel and vycor surfaces from acetylene and ethylene / James C. Marek and Lyle F. Albright --
floor phenomena in the course of pyrolysis : the consequences of remedies with a number of inorganic gases / James C. Marek and Lyle F. Albright --
progress and initiation mechanism of filamentous coke / Albert Sacco, Jr. and John C. Caulmare --
The characterization of carbon deposit morphologies utilizing in situ scanning electron microscopy / A.M. Brown and M.P. Hill --
Inhibition through sulfur poisoning of the heterogeneous decomposition of acetone / M.J. Bennett, G.H. Chaffey, B.L. Myatt, and D.R.V. Silvester --
impression of overall strain and hydrogen : hydrocarbon ratio on coke formation over naphtha-reforming catalyst / Nora S. Fígoli, Jorge N. Beltramini, Amado F. Barra, Eloy E. Martinelli, Mario R. unhappy, and José M. Parera --
Reactivity of floor carbon on nickel catalysts : temperature-programmed floor response with hydrogen and water / J.G. McCarty, P.Y. Hou, D. Sheridan, and H. clever --
response of steam with coke on reliable substrates / T.Y. Yan and M.P. Rosynek --
strategy of coke formation in not on time coking / C.A. Audeh and T.Y. Yan.

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C. 20036 ACS Symposium Series;WHMngton, American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. COKE FORMATION 48 tained through the microbalance in order to p r o t e c t the balance against c o r r o s i v e atmospheres. The e x i t gas from the r e a c t o r was quenched and the gas volume measured before complete gas a n a l y s i s using two o n - l i n e gas chromatographs. The permanent gases ( H , N^, CO, C0 ) were separated on a 2 m column (1/4") packed with Porapak Ν (80/100 mesh), followed by a 3 m column (1/4") packed with 13X molecular sieve (30/50 mesh).

F . Chem. Eng. Sci. 1979. 34, 635. ; Leftin, H . P . "Coking Rates in a Laboratory P y r o l y s i s Furnace". 72nd Annual AIChE Meeting. San F r a n c i s c o . Nov. 25-29. 1979. Paper no 21d. ; Welther, K. "Coke Formation During P y r o l y s i s O p e r a t i o n " . 85th N a t i o n a l AIChE Meeting. June 4-8, P h i l a d e l p h i a . Paper no 15E. ; Badie, P . ; Ducret, J. Carbon 1977. 15, 87. ; A l b r i g h t , L . F . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983.

1978. 17 (3), 377. J. J. Chem. Tech. B i o t e c h n o l 1981. 31, 195. L. "Coke Formation during Cracking o f Hydrocarbons. Part I I . In press. L. Proc. 5th I n t . Congr. C a t a l . 1973. 1125. C a t a l y s t Handbook. Wolfe Scientific Texts (London). 1970. RECEIVED June 28, 1982. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. 4 Oxidation of an Ethylene Steam Cracker Pyrolysis Tube Deposit in Water Vapor and Its Enhancement by Inorganic Catalysts M . J. B E N N E T T and J.

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