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Cinderella & the CEO (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child PDF

By Maureen Child

ISBN-10: 037373056X

ISBN-13: 9780373730568

Scrooge had moved in round the corner and Ivy Holloway was once at his mercy. Billionaire Tanner King sought after her year-round Christmas-tree farm close down so he may have his peace and quiet. He had sufficient funds and gear to do it, too. Leaving Ivy with just one option--tame the savage beast.Tanner had came across little tranquility due to his demanding neighbor. after which he discovered himself saddled with a stunning housekeeper he could not preserve his mind--or hands--off. hassle was once, those ladies have been an analogous person...leaving the CEO brooding about if he may well fairly love his enemy.

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Her gaze swept the familiar front room, lightly touching on the books haphazardly stacked in bookshelves and piled on tables. The handmade quilt her late grandmother had fashioned draped across the back of the sofa. The stone fireplace Mike had built when he and Grandma had first taken over the Angel family home. Scarred wooden floors, pale peach walls and the scent, as always, of evergreens. Ivy’s heart was in this old house. In this farm. In every tree on her acreage. And she would do whatever she had to do to protect every last seedling out there.

Frustration tugged at the corners of his mind. He had thirty days to get the kinks worked out of this game. And he was wasting time sitting there thinking about Ivy Holloway. “This is just not going to work,” he muttered and reached for the phone. After three rings, his lawyer picked up. ” The other man laughed shortly. “Hi, Tanner. Good to hear from you. Yeah, Karen’s fine. ” Tanner scrubbed one hand across his face. “Very funny. ” Mitchell sighed. ” Pushing up and out of his chair, Tanner stalked to the window and stared out at his nemesis, the tree farm.

She frowned at him. ” “Actually, I agree with you on that,” he admitted, looking into her eyes. She was more, he reminded himself, than just a gorgeous woman with a body to make a grown man weep. Which, as he’d already warned himself, wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Smart, sexy women could bring an unwary man down faster than anything else. “Look at that,” she told him. ” “I wouldn’t go that far,” he said, finishing his soup. Before he could get up to refill his bowl, she was already standing and walking to the stove.

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Cinderella & the CEO (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child

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