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Get Christianity and Power Politics Today: Christian Realism and PDF

By E. Patterson

ISBN-10: 0230602649

ISBN-13: 9780230602649

The aim of this quantity is two-fold. First, to reconstruct and debate a modern Christian realist framework, and moment, to use one of these standpoint to the problems of latest politics similar to the Bush Doctrine, the legislation of struggle, democracy and democratization, U.S. participation in overseas associations, and apocalyptic terrorism

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In a world in which human beings were universally prone to put their self-interest above the common good, and in which human pretensions to disinterestedness invariably disguised, often unconsciously, egoistic aims, it was necessary to avoid concentrating power in the hands of a single individual or a small group of people. In this sense, democracy was a system of government best in keeping with the realities of original sin and the Fall, because it could lead to a fragmentation of power in such a way as to check some of the worst excesses of human egoism.

The United States has seen a good deal of its moral, financial, and political standing in the world visibly diminish at the same time that the European Union, China, India, and Russia have gained strength in different categories of power relative to the United States. While the United States remains militarily unchallengeable, it has found that it cannot translate such military superiority into strategic political outcomes. S. S. military power. 3 If, in the future, the United States were to use military force to address the Iranian or North Korean nuclear problem it would learn, as it did so painfully in Iraq, that such use of force would not translate into a desirable political outcome and would create new, unpredictable complications.

Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003? 71 Herbert Butterfield emphasized the role that individual statesmen could play in lowering tensions and even, in some instances, shifting the destructive logic of what political scientists might call “zero-sum game” in international politics to a more cooperative mode of interaction. Statesmen such as Otto von Bismarck, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and Anwar Sadat did so by taking bold but calculated gambles designed to offer incentives to an adversary for a different kind of relationship based on mutual security instead of relentless conflict.

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Christianity and Power Politics Today: Christian Realism and Contemporary Political Dilemmas by E. Patterson

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